Anthropologie Fitting Room Review

Last week I stopped in to Anthropologie to get a top I had been eyeing and a dress for my upcoming 20th year anniversary.  Since I am a size 16/18, I have started to fine tune my skills on what items will work on my plus size frame when I shop there.  Although I have posted on where to find Anthro style plus size clothing in the past, I never like to rule them out completely because looser, oversize cuts and stretchy fabrics can most definitely work.  I wanted to review my picks, along with fit, feel, and observations I came to in the fitting room to show how at ladies in my size range can still shop here, even if it is not considered a plus size retailer.

As a precursor to seeing the selfies in this post, I look completely disheveled as the day I chose to shop, it was extremely hot and humid.  I think my makeup practically melted off my face and my hair went totally frizzy so I had to tie it back with a band I thankfully had in my purse.

In the fitting room at Anthropologie

Maaike Maxi Skirt

Do you see that loveliness hanging there on the left?  Well, the largest size they had in the store was a 10, and I thought perhaps I could wear it high waisted, which I typically need to do anyhow to make items fit me correctly due to me being short waisted.  This was a no go unfortunately, with it not going even over my hips.  On to the next!

Castalia Dress

Castalia Dress

Castalia Dress

This dress was a total shocker for me.  I loved the print, but was unsure of how the shape, length, and smocked top would look on me.  I was instantly in love with it when I put it on.  It is a very soft rayon with an organic diamond pattern in blue tie dye.  Above the waist the fabric is stretchy being smocked so it fit my bust well.  The skirt portion is straight in silhouette and hit me right below the knee which is a length I do not usually like, and in this case, I loved.  I especially appreciated the curved side slits on each side of the skirt.  Right below the tie rope belt, the skirt hugged my tummy a little too much for my comfort as the largest size they had was a 14 in the store.  Other attributes I loved were the fact that this could be a day dress or dressed up for evening, the beading on the rope belt, and that it has pockets.  With all that being said, I took advantage of the dress sale they had going on this last weekend and purchased it in a 16 online and it fits perfect.  I can’t wait to wear it for my anniversary celebration!

Update: See how I styled this dress in my What I Wore: My 20th Year Wedding Anniversary post.

Pravin Cardigan

Pravin Cardigan

I slipped on this kimono shaped cardigan over the dress to just try it for size and found that I adored the combination.  The contrast between the dark indigo blue and the light pastel lavender just appealed to me.  It has tonal Aztec stitching throughout this drapy covering and has a built in tie that can be done in the front like I am showing here, or in the back.  I got this from the sale room and am wearing it in a size large.  This will be perfect to pair with the dress if I get a little chilly.  I also have a few more things to wear with this for the summer.

Update: See how I styled this cardigan in my What Dreams Are Made Of post.

Malpelo Blouse

Malpelo Blouse

Malpelo Blouse

This shape of top is always on my wish list.  Cap sleeves, surplus top, fitted under the bust, and loose around the tummy are all features I look for in my ideal world.  This slightly off white blouse is a faux wrap with elastic at the waist and fixed tie at the side.  It has a textured gingham pattern that is super sweet.  I picked this up in the sale room as well and as much as I like the shape and fit in a large, I did not really like the bow all the way over at the side seam.  I would have preferred it to be slightly more on the front of the top.  Although I did not get this top, I did discover something I had never thought of before and that was to pair a top of this shape over a dress.  I love how the top peeks through and am going to look for ways I can use this trick in my current wardrobe.

Stitched Chambray Vest

Stitched Chambray Vest

Vests have been on my radar lately as I have been wearing this one almost twice a week.  Again, I love the wrap style that this tank provides and the chambray gives multiple styling options.  What really drew me to this one was the embroidery work on the neckline and belt.  I tried this on in a size large and while it fit through the bust and waist, I would have preferred it released a bit at the hip.  And since I already had several items here I was purchasing, I decided the $98 vest was not going to go home with me.  I do however have a refashion in mind to recreate the feeling of this top so stay tuned for that.

Morning Glory Tank

Morning Glory Tank

Now this was the top I came in to get and it was even more special in person than it was online.  This is a size large and it just glides over my body nicely.  The coral colors are just spectacular and I plan on first wearing it tucked in a pair of shorts I purchased a little while back.  It is super soft and light.  I can even see this paired with the lavender kimono cardigan.

Final Thoughts & Conclusions

1. I shop by four of my senses.  I realized how much this is true on this shopping trip.  The smell is always incredible in this store, the displays are always inspiring and the fitting rooms are pretty and well lit, the tactile appeal is always at my fingertips, and the sounds of pretty music and ladies talking nicely to me.  All of these factors keep me coming back to Anthropologie.

2. Size is relative.  I find that just because items are labeled a large, does not mean they are all created equal.  I am beyond surprised that these items in this size fit me so well when I go to other retailers and I cannot even squeeze into a 1X.  I am glad I chose to try on these items even though the size listed on the label is smaller than what I typically wear.

3. I found what I was looking for.  It was so nice to be able to find this beautiful and unique dress for such a momentous occasion in my life.  This store continues to deliver items that I love to wear and I have hopes that in the future they will carry larger sizes for items like pants.  Although they have higher price points than other places I shop at, I find that I am much more satisfied and keep their items much longer in rotation than all the others put together.  That makes it all worth it to me.

Today’s Postivity Note

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like & celebrating it for everything that it is. -Mandy Hale

Be Blessed!


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