4 Ways to Wear a Vintage Scarf

4 Ways to Wear a Vintage Scarf

This last Christmas, my sister gifted me a vintage silk tie dye scarf.  I absolutely love the colors and watercolor effect, but for some reason, I was challenged with styling it.  With it being a different shape than a modern scarf, it lacked the length, width, and volume I was used to, it sat unused in my closet. (Sad face).  I scoured Pinterest to find different ways of using this type of scarf and found several inspirations that I then turned into ways I found that worked for me.

BRACELETVintage Scarf as Bracelet B

By wrapping the long scarf around my wrist, it created a colorful accessory to this basic look of a chambray shirt and white cropped denim.  I tied in the yellow from the scarf down at my feet with some yellow heels.  I simply held one end of the scarf in my palm, leaving enough length to tie and then loosly wrapped it around my arm.  With the left over length, I tied a loose knot to create a “bow” detail.Vintage Scarf as Bracelet C

UNDER A BELTWhite Shirt and Shorts C

This idea actually came from a finished belt I saw online and I wanted to give it a try.  I simply tied the scarf over my white button down in the back.  Then I layered a mid-width brown belt over top.  The yellow color is now picked up in my mustard polka dot shorts and I picked up a little of the turquoise through my vintage cuff.  If I do try this technique again, I would use my obi belt, wrap the scarf over the main part of the belt with fashion tape, and then use the ties over the scarf as the scarf kept wanting to shift down over the belt because it was not ridged. White Shirt and Shorts A

THROUGH THE BELT LOOPSWhite Jacket with Scarf D

By using the skinny scarf as a belt through the belt loops of my jeans, it gave color and interest to this all neutral outfit.  Out of all the looks, this is my least favorite because I am not used to tucking my shirts in and do not care for the look.  I also had issues when it came to going to the restroom because the first time, I tied the knot too tight.
White Jacket with Scarf B

HANDBAG ACCESSORYVintage Scarf on Handbag B

This time, I went for a little pattern mixing as well as focus on the turquoise and mint coloration in the scarf.  By artfully tying the scarf on the handle of my satchel, it adds the perfect touch to accessorize the look.  I love how the yellow just pops against the muted tones in the rest of my look.  Out of all the versions, this is my favorite way to use this lovely vintage scarf.Vintage Scarf on Handbag AWhich is your favorite look?  How would you style this scarf?


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  1. I love the belt idea, particularly wrapping it over an obi. I love the color it adds and the proportion it gives that look as well. I think the handbag trick is the most practical for me. I always forget to accessorize with a scarf that way. I have a million scarves that don’t get much use, so I need to drag them out more.

    1. Scarves have been a bit of a conundrum to me. I absolutely love them because I am a textile freak, but for some reason they go unused. I am pushing myself to turn more to them. I think I need to used that handbag trick more too because I always seem to get way too hot when I wear them around my neck!

      1. Me too! I love the color and texture, but I usually get way too hot. Once I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I knew I was going to have a scar, I bought a TON of scarves and people gave them to me as gifts too. But I ended up accepting the scar (and always getting too warm), so I hardly ever use them. I really appreciated this post!

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