Vintage Floral: It Started with a Painting

Inspiration for my wardrobe comes from a variety of places.  Today’s look all started from a painting, well, an illustration to be exact.  Old Navy collaborated with artist Martha Napier of Marnani Design to do an illustration for mothers day.  When they posted her artwork on their Instagram, I instantly took a screen shot of it because I loved it so much.

The impressionistic watercolor illustration boasted a woman with curly locks in floral pants, pink patterned top, and light blue layer, be it a jacket or cardigan.  I have had floral pants on my wish list for quite some time, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ramp up my search.  It must have been meant to be for me to find this look because I found almost all the items on Poshmark for some awesome deals.   Floral Pants | Designing From My Closet

This outfit is what I call the epitome of femininity.  The floral pattern combined with the pink and blue pastels appeal to vintage side of my personal style.  I do however appreciate the understated edgy and bold aspect of the mix of prints, studded shoes, and tassel on the quilted handbag.  Those details keep this ensemble from getting too sweet.  Floral Pants | Designing From My Closet

The length of this tunic top was a little long in comparison to the cardigan and it created a rather unappealing proportion to me.  To combat this I did a half tuck in the front, but allowed the bottom hem to stay out, creating an abstract peplum.  I have a love affair with textiles which is one of the reasons I became an interior designer in the first place.  The reason I mention this is because the pattern on this top reminds me so much of a very old Japanese dying technique called shibori.  The Asian arts have a special place in my heart and I am happy to have this top with a nod to it’s style.

When mixing patterns, try this technique to make it a little easier: Select a large scale organic pattern with several colors (like my pants), then pick one color from that pattern to mix with a medium scale geometric pattern (like my top).  This tip not only goes for outfits, but applies to home decor as well!Floral Pants | Designing From My Closet

I love all the touches of metal in this entire look.  The gold studs on the shoes, the gold chain on the handbag, and my gold textured chain necklace add interest without competing with the very busy pattern going on everywhere else.Floral Pants | Designing From My Closet

These Dorothy Perkins pants are absolutely superb.  When I received them, I was amazed by their quality.  Side note: This is one reason I love buying second hand.  I get to “test drive” a brand without having to pay full price on something I am unfamiliar with.  Now I am totally in love with this brand and am more confident to purchase from them directly!

The only problem is that the pants were just a little baggy, even after I washed them.  I found that the cut was quite generous for being a size 18.  While I was fine with the slightly loose fit, as they day progressed they continued to stretch leaving them almost falling off of me.  In other words, there was some serious saggy butt going on!  I want to take them to my tailor to see if she can take them in so they can fit better.  I also would prefer them to be a slim fit, even if it means sacrificing the pockets.  We will see how that goes.
Floral Pants | Designing From My ClosetSo there you have it, from a painting seen on Instagram to real life outfit purchased mostly second hand.  I have other outfits planned with each one of these new items in them, so I am happy they will be seen in other ways besides this look.

AND…Designing From My Closet is finally on Facebook!  I would love to chat with you there.

Outfit Details:

Light Blue Cardigan: Bass via Poshmark seller mellottery (similar)

Pink and White Shibori Inspired Tunic: Old Navy via Poshmark seller sasimerly (similar)

Floral Pants: Dorothy Perkins via Poshmark seller linalryan (similar)

Black Quilted Handbag with Gold Chain & Tassel: Worthington via Poshmark seller stephsmom (similar)

Gold Chain Necklace: MNG by Mango via JCPenney (similar)

White & Tan Pointy Toe T-Strap Studded Flats: BCBGeneration via DSW in store (similar)

Where do you get inspiration for your wardrobe?  Do you look for inspiration outside of fashion magazines, blogs, Pinterest, and retail or online shops/lookbooks?

Today’s Postivity Note

Love the journey.

Be Blessed!


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  1. This is gorgeous, Janeane! Wow! I often draw inspiration from illustrations and home decor, so it’s neat to see that someone else shares that. The parallels between the original illustration and your outfit are uncanny. And your eye for print mixing always surprises and delights. I would love to wear this look; I just wouldn’t think to create it in the first place. That’s why following other fashion bloggers is so inspiring.

    ❤ Liz

    1. Thank you so much Liz! I have to say, while I was inspired by the art, I was super surprised how close to the patterns I got. Totally unplanned, but very wonderfully unexpected. Like you, I enjoy expanding my horizons, even with items I already have by seeing how others put items together. I have picked up so many tips from you as well!


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