Update on Closet Clear Out, Shopping Addiction, & Personal Style

Since the beginning of Designing From My Closet, I thought I had a clear vision of how I wanted this blog to be, and it has gradually and naturally changed into something else.  That something else has turned out to be really good for me and I hope that my personal findings have been interesting for all of you!

I wanted to do an update post for a while now, and it just felt right at this time.  Just like everyone else, I change with time, age, and circumstances.  The same goes for my wardrobe.  Very early on, I felt a need to be honest and open about certain subjects.  One of them was touching on shopping addictions and also how I began clearing out my closet.  This coincides with me gaining better insight into my personal style, what I wanted to stay in my closet, and what I needed to add.  In other words, dressing with intention.


December 2014 Closet Clean Out

Back in January I posted Surviving 30 Days Without Shopping where I gave my personal tips on how I did an initial wardrobe purge.  I designated four categories when I began being “Donate”, “Sell”, “Out of Season”, & “Too Small”.  Well it took me several months to get those items I put in the sell pile listed on Poshmark.  At first, it was very emotional for me to package up these items and send them away, but as time went on, it started to feel really good.

After a while, I started to pull a few items from that coveted “too small” pile that was folded ever so gently in the cupboard to list.  That hurt even more.  Then I started to realize how much better I felt knowing those clothes were not going to just sit there collecting dust.  Before I knew it, the entire pile was listed.  To top it off, I found more clothes in another closet after I did this closet clear out that I had forgotten about, so pretty much all of those are now being sorted through too.

Rather than sulking over those items that I loved, I started searching for new items that not only physically fit me, but fit my personal style as well.  I took a portion of what I earned on Poshmark and turned it around to invest in a new wardrobe.  I just did not want it to become a buying frenzy of mindless purchases.  I wanted the new items to be intentional.

Since I was so happy having a closet where I could actually see things, every time I brought a new item home, I made the choice to pull an older item to sell.  This challenging decision forces me think very carefully about every purchase I make.  I even made enough room so I can have all the seasons clothes hanging, rather than having to store seasonal items in another area like I had to when I first did my clear out.

The other tip about having a funeral for your clothes has helped as well.  If I am unsure of a piece that I have not worn in a while, but I still feel like I want it, I make sure it gets put into rotation for wearing.  I wear it all day and then by the end of the day, I pretty much know if this is something I want to hang onto or sell.

I have a project now of updating my entire Style Book app on my phone so I can plan my outfits easier.  For me, having this tool keeps me from obsessing over what I am going to wear, and it also makes be realize how many pieces are actually being utilized because it keeps stats on how often or how much I do not wear something.  It helps me have a better idea of what I am lacking and where I need to put on the breaks because it lists how many of each type of clothing you have.  This really helps with my next subject of shopping addiction.


If I had written this post last week, this update would have been a little different.  After clearing my closet initially, I have been getting a clearer picture of what is missing and what kind of image I want to portray.  I am the first to admit, I have made some bad purchases, even some that I have shown here on the blog.  Thankfully they have not been a huge expense, but none the less, a bit of a waste.  What I have enjoyed is being totally honest with my husband, keeping my monthly budget sometimes being under, and most of all, not being mind-consumed of thinking about shopping and clothes.

Now if I had written this a week ago, I might have completed this update here, but I had a bit of a set back.  I wrote about my Lilly for Target shopping experience, but I do not see that as a bad thing, rather a more heightened awareness of my emotions when looking at clothing.  Earlier this week I received some very upsetting personal news that got me all worked up.  My head was spinning and I felt completely out of control with this matter.  I attempted to calm myself down with a few techniques that usually work, but this time I just could not shake it.  I fell back into a bad habit of heading to a local retail shop to find some relief.  And relief I found.  Even though I only spent around $10 on a small item, I found just the browsing gave me an escape from these overwhelming emotions.

This is a pattern that I care not to continue as I could have easily spent much more on mindless shopping.  I am not going to beat myself up over it, I just need to form a more solid process of how to deal with stressful situations without having to do retail therapy.


Since my first post in October 2014, I have fine tuned I think what I have known all along, that what I love to decorate my home in is the same style of what I love to wear.  My biggest eye opener was taking daily pictures of my outfits on myself.  It was not that I had a bad image of myself, I just had actual data to look at.  Having images to lay side by side, I started to immediately realize where my hits and misses were.  I started taking note of what shapes, patterns, colors, & styles that were drawing me in when I looked at the images on a whole.  The second thing that really helped as when I wrote my first edition of my Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing posts when I physically listed out elements that I preferred.  That is when I came up with an actual self-named title for my personal style as “Vintage Boho”.

Designing From My Closet | Green Midi Skirt with Leopard Sweater

To show you what I am talking about, here is one of my looks during the 30 days of no shopping challenge.  Although I like the outfit, it really is not fitting into my list of elements I like.  I have come to realize that leopard print is something I am not wanting to incorporate into my wardrobe at this point in time.  I know that some ladies might balk at that, and I truly have nothing against the pattern and would encourage those who love it to wear it.  There are just too many other patterns that I enjoy even more that fit my style.  This sweater has since gone on to live with someone else after I sold it on Poshmark.  In fact, this skirt is probably going to be going up for sale in the near future because it is just not finding its way into rotation like I thought it would.

Yellow Skirt and Vest AAnd now, here is a more recent outfit that is so much more my style.  The feminine vintage comes in through the eyelet yellow skirt and crochet work on the vest, while the global boho is introduced through the geo pattern.  To put things plainly, if I had the leopard and the geo pattern sitting next to each other in my closet, I would reach for the geo pattern every time, so I think it was a wise choice to eliminate that piece from my life.

Along with this clearer vision, I am noticing how I carry myself more with confidence.  It also is helping with my shopping addiction and the way I organize my closet (which is why I included all three subjects in one post).  I remember in my closet clear-out tips I asked one question still to myself was “why so much?”  Why did I need so much in my closet?  I am still working on that answer, but I feel like I am beginning to figure this out.  

I needed so much because I was not really looking the way I wanted to look, so I just kept buying.  

I needed so much because I was under stress and did not have any other way to deal with it.  

I needed so much because the more I had, the more choices I THOUGHT I had, when really all I was doing was causing more confusion and anxiety in my life.

I know this is a very long and text heavy (and emotionally heavy) post, but this was something I wanted to write about.  For so long, I felt like I was alone with having issues with having an overstuffed closet(s) and shopping addiction.  I now know that there are many others out there that have problems like this to one degree or another.  Thank you for following along with me and for those who have left comments on my blog.  I really appreciate them all!

Today’s Postivity Note

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.    -William Morris

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!




  1. Wow…..that was me to a T….I am going to use your idea of taking a pic of my outfit everyday and then seeing what I like and don’t like. Your posts are very inspiring!. Thanks…God Bless

  2. I can appreciate all that you have shared in this post. I too used to just buy and I have been cleaning out my closet and house, refining my style, being more authentic with my inner self. I used to want to keep stuff to have choices as well but now I have very little emotion about objects and it’s super easy to give items away. I recently went through my jewelry and got rid of half of it and for me that was at least a hundred pieces. I realize I only want items that are truly unique, interesting and funky and I use that as a guideline for any old piece going out or any new piece coming in.

    1. Wow, that one comment you said “I used to want to keep stuff to have more choices” stood out to me. I was not sure how well this post was going to go over with readers, but it is my reality right now. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Ok… It is you!I follow you ob Instagram, I just did a walk through at Anthro earlier and found myself a little bummed out because of the sizes. So I went to Steinmart and almost spent far too much money, before I talked myself down from the ledge. I did walk out with two items that were on my ‘need’ list. But I found a lot of Anthro-ish pieces there, for better price points. So, I’ve been ruminating about what I left behind, and I googled Antro Plus size anf found your blog. This post is awesome and I definitely can relate. I think I’ll do some closet editing tonight. Thank you so much for your transparency. I tell my friends I have a shopping addiction and they laugh it off. So happy to know there are people who understand!

    1. I have to say that I cried a little bit when I read your comment because it was so touching and heartfelt. I even read it out loud to my husband. It means a lot to me when readers respond to my posts. I was a little nervous about posting this one, especially on a weekend full of sales from retail stores for the holiday.

      For me, admitting to myself I had an issue with shopping was a first big step, so I REALLY commend you for that. There are many loved ones around me that have the same issue as me, but laugh it off as well. It is a struggle that I am glad I am facing head on and not brushing under the rug like I had for so many years.

      As far as Anthro goes, I have several pieces from there that I have been able to make work due to the cut and fabric, but so much they offer just does not fit me so I just take inspiration. Yes, I am the girl taking pictures on my phone of all their displays. 🙂 Thanks again for writing and sharing. I wish you well on your editing and finding items that make you happy. There is nothing better than looking in your closet and have every single item be something you really love, want to wear, and it makes you feel beautiful.

      I hope to hear from you again!


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