My Lilly for Target Experience

The dust has settled a bit since the whole Lilly for Target launch.  I have read several other bloggers experience with shopping both in store and online recently and wanted to go over my thoughts with you.  In general, I have to say that I am very naive.  This trait along with many other emotions came to a head during that day.  After I had posted about the upcoming items coming available, showing the lookbook, and my personal picks from the line, I had my doubts that I would even go shopping for anything, even from the two items I liked.  I was becoming concerned about my shopping addiction getting out of control because I had been doing quite a bit of purchasing prior to this.  Although I had money left to spend, I was conscience of the several items hanging in my closet with tags still on them.

Emotion 1: Blissfully Unaware

Sunday morning arrived and I briefly checked my Instagram.  Several people I follow in the Midwest were already done with purchases and I was blissfully unaware of the site crash that had taken place while I slept soundly.  Sitting there in my PJ’s and with my eye’s half open, I decided I would just take a peek at Target to see if these items were just as cute as the online lookbook.  And then I also used the excuse of, well I’m a blogger now, I have responsibilities.  Ya, right (insert eye roll here).

V-Neck Tank Top in Nosie Posey: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Emotion 2: Excitement

Upon entering my local Target exactly 19 minutes past it’s opening, I noticed myself walking faster and faster towards to little gathering that I assumed was the Lilly display.  There I was with a thrown on t-shirt and jeans, wild hair, and no makeup now in the midst of ladies looking at these new pieces.  All were friendly and were checking out sizes for themselves.  I saw the top I had wanted to try in an XL, so I picked it up.  I was interested in the clutches, so I picked up one of those too.

V-Neck Tank Top in Nosie Posey: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Emotion 3: Hoarding

It was at that moment that just innocent excitement turned into something ugly inside of me.  I grabbed a pair of shorts and pants to try because, everyone else was grabbing things too.  This overwhelming feeling of turning into a 2 year old and yelling “MINE!” came into my mind and I was completely shocked at myself.  As I turned flush with anger at myself, a woman told me that their was more outside the fitting room that was waiting to go back onto the floor.  I rushed off to the dressing rooms to see what they had and to try on my precious hoard.

V-Neck Tank Top in Nosie Posey: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

For outfit details see original post: What I Wore: Mother’s Day

Emotion 4: Come Back to Reality

There were not any pieces on the fitting room rack in my size, so I went in with my four items to try on.  First I tried a pair of shorts in an XXL.  They were cute and they fit, but they looked like pajama or lounge shorts on me.  As I contemplated getting them just to wear around the house, I looked at myself in the mirror and said in my head “What are you doing?”  I took them off and put the pants on.  They looked terrible, so that was a no brainer.  Then I tried the top on that I had been eyeballing in the lookbook.  It was unbelievably cute and everything I imagined it would be.  I glanced down at the small clutch in the same pattern at the top and wavered on my decision to get it too.  With the top, shorts, and clutch in hand, I headed back out to the floor to see if I missed anything. (You did not mis-read that, I still held on to those shorts!)

Boom Boom Satin Jumpsuit

Emotion 5: Hoarding (again)

Back in front of the clothing display, I reluctantly placed the shorts back on the display rack as other ladies browsed.  I quickly walked away over to the handbags so I could not see if anyone else picked them up.  As I stood there in front of the bags with the clutch in my hands, I felt as though there were some of those little cartoon people on your shoulders, you know, the white angel and the red devil contemplating if I needed this clutch.  I wavered back and forth.  Then I realized how ridiculous the whole thing was that I was even having this conversation with myself.  I am usually so level headed and I was allowing the moment to get to me.  The clutch went back onto the display and as soon as my fingers let go, another woman was there to pick it up.  I cannot tell you the beast that was hoarding raged in my head yet again as I envisioned me snatching it away from her.  I thankfully did not act upon that emotion and kept my lady like composure.

Boom Boom Satin Jumpsuit

Emotion 6: Satisfaction

As I walked away completely from the Lilly displays and stood in line, I felt a wash of relief and satisfaction come over me.  I was thankful that I did not have those horrible feelings going on in my head any more, even though they were just seconds before.  The woman in front of me was stacking, literally stacking, items back into her cart as the checker gave her total.  The over $300 total must have shocked her as well as she gave an open mouth stare back at the Target employee.  She then glanced back at me with my one Lilly top and turned a little red from embarrassment.  As she left, I felt an even greater sense of satisfaction in my one item purchase.

Boom Boom Satin Jumpsuit

Emotion 7: Elation

Later that day, I had guests over at my house and the shopping trip that evoked so many ugly emotions were totally forgotten.  A day, afternoon, and evening of visiting did not leave much time for social media interaction.  Monday morning arrived and a few pharmacy and food items were needed, so a quick trip to Target was in store.  This is where my naive nature really kicks in.  I actually thought there would still be a Lilly display to look at.  Silly girl.  As I walked by where it was the day prior, I saw a lone green and white floral jumpsuit in an XXL hanging with another Target brand that I did not see before.  I tried it on and it looked fabulous.  Little did I know that I was practically trying on the golden ticket, the holy grail!  I was elated at my find because it was a unique piece for my wardrobe that fit my personal style perfectly.

Boom Boom Satin Jumpsuit

Outfit Details

Boom Boom Satin Jumpsuit: Lilly for Target (similar) | Denim Jacket: Avenue via Poshmark seller fungrl22 (similar) | Belt: Nautical via TJ Maxx (similar) | Necklace: Michael Kors | Horn Bracelet: Unknown via Goodwill of Orange County (similar) | Green Handbag: Steve Madden via Petticoat Lane Consignment (similar) | Caged Block Heels: Mossimo via Goodwill of Orange County (similar)

So there you have it, my seven emotions of Lilly.  My personal opinion is that I think it is sad that so many items were purchased in store and online solely for the purpose to resell them.  These items were meant to fill a desire for those who love the Lilly Pulitzer style, but never had the financial means to purchase one of the designer pieces.  It also makes me upset because of the plus size community who wanted to purchase items online because the designer pieces do not ever come in extended sizes.  This was their chance to have something unique and special.

As for me and my two pieces of Lilly for Target, we are dong just fine.  They are both being worn not for the reason of showing off like a prize, but because this is my style.  I would not have purchased them if they were not.  I am so happy that I did not get those two items that were plaguing me in the store.  I think they would have continued to haunt me.  On a happy note, my hubby loves both the pieces too, even though he absolutely butchers the name Lilly Pulitzer every time he says it.  The floral top is always referred to as a dress, although I do not know why he would think I would wear a dress so short and the jumper is now dubbed my hippie outfit.

Today’s Postivity Note

I am in competition with no one.  I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone.  I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!



  1. You look great in both looks! And I’m in love with your “Hippie outfit” lol. By the time I tried getting my hands on the jumpsuit they were sold out – oh well, c’est la vie. But you really look lovely, great scores!

  2. I personally get annoyed with all the hype and frenzy and craziness surrounding all the Target designer collabs. I refuse to pay full retail for anything which keeps me away but when I viewed the last collection around the holidays it felt like cheap materials, especially for the prices they were charging. I did fall in love with the Peter Pilotto collection because it was full of patterns but I let the launch pass me by, not buying a thing even though I had one special dress I loved ( it was $80, the most expensive piece). Abt a month and half later I went to a city Target and they had almost all the pieces 75% off. They also had two of the dress I wanted and one was my size. I ended up getting 8 pieces for $75! If it’s meant to be, it will be! By the way, I adore the jumpsuit on you! It was meant to be!

    1. As you can tell, I was totally oblivious to the frenzy that I walked into and was a little frustrated at myself for getting sucked in. This is the first designer collab of Targets that I have even been interested in and actually purchased. Although I am happy with what I got, the circumstances were not ideal to me. And thanks for the compliment. That means a lot coming from you as I admire your style so much! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I know this is an old post, but I need help with sizing in this jumpsuit please! I was not able to purchase last year and have an opportunity to purchase one now, but I’m not sure how the jumpsuit runs? Is it true to size? Does it have any stretch? Does it shrink after washing? I’m a true size 12, Large in all clothing brands. Do you think a size large would fit me??? Or should I size up or down??? Please help!! Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. With my experience, I fit perfectly in the XXL and I am a 16/18. Because of the textile being polyester, it does not shrink, although I did line dry after washing it in the washer because that is what I do with most of my clothes even if the instructions say it is ok to tumble dry. It does have a tiny bit of stretch but not a lot. Since you are two sizes smaller than me, I would imagine a Large would fit. If you are purchasing it second hand (which I assume you are), I highly recommend you ask for measurements. Since I have a lot of experience purchasing second hand online, I like to have that information to help ensure it will work for me since returns are not usually an option. Hope this helps and good luck!


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