Jumping for Joy

Target Tie Waist Jumpsuit

Several weeks ago I posted an Instagram photo of me in the Target fitting room with this blue and white aztec pattern tie waist jumpsuit.  I picked it up on a whim and just wanted to give it a try.  I was apprehensive because it was from the juniors section + the largest size they had on the floor was an XL + I had never tried on a jumper before.  I thought it was worth a shot and it turned out to be a rather interesting experience as there was a woman waiting for her daughter outside the dressing rooms that insisted I come out to show her what it looked like with it on.

I do not typically find that juniors sizing works for me and was surprised at how well the XL fit.  There was ample room in the thighs and bust and the elastic waist was comfortable and not tight.  What I loved the most about this jumper was the adjustable spaghetti straps.  Because I am short waisted, I cinched those puppies to their tightest and it worked great.  Those straps are also the thing I hated about this piece as I do not wear strapless bras.  To make this work for me, I will always need to wear a layering piece of some sort.  I also prefer the way this looks as it breaks up the all over pattern.  In my IG pic I tried it with my cropped denim jacket and for this first wear I paired it with my safari vest to keep things cool as the day I wore this the temps were a in the 80’s.  I have several more items from my wardrobe that I want to wear with this jumper to give it a different look.  The other thing I found after wearing this one piece all day was the absolute comfort of not having to adjust my pants all the time.  I have a terrible time with the rise of pants being too high and this totally eliminated that issue.

Target Tie Waist Jumpsuit

Target Tie Waist Jumpsuit

My tasseled sandals are getting a lot of use already and so is my triangle pave necklace as they have been featured in several of my recent posts.  And just as a tip if you get these shoes, I double tied the ties because they kept slipping loose when I walked and now they work great.

I also just realized looking back at these pictures that this is a perfect example of a high-low outfit.  The main pieces are on the low end while the accessories are on the high end.

Target Tie Waist Jumpsuit

Outfit Details:

Tie Waist Jumpsuit by Xhilaration: Target

Safari Vest: Chico’s via Poshmark seller kathyhansen38 (similar)

Sam & Libby Arianna Gladiator Sandals: Target

Brilliance Motif Pave Triangle Pendant Necklace: Michael Kors

Wristlet: Michael Kors

Gold-Tone Logo Plaque Bead Bracelet: Michael Kors

Have you ever tried a jumper?

Today’s Postivity Note

Confidence is not ‘they will like me’. Confidence is ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t’.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!



  1. This is a very cool look, Janeane! It’s definitely different, but it’s also inspired and nods to your vintage bohemian style. Jumpsuits intimidate the heck out of me, so I like how you broke it up with the long vest and matching accessories. I’d expect to find you at some luxurious African safari resort. It’s surprisingly chic. I’m very impressed! I would not have the vision to style this jumpsuit, so I admire and applaud you!

    ❤ Liz

  2. I remember when I saw this on your IG account, I thought it looked great on you. Now seeing you in this outfit, I love it even more. I really like how you paired it with the safari like vest, it really works well with the print and your sandals. I absolutely love jumpsuits, I’m actually wearing one in my current blog post but I think they are so comfortable and easy to wear. My only problem with them though is when you go to the bathroom but that’s the only thing. hehe


  3. I’ve been totally anti-jumpsuit but this makes me want to try one. I love the print and the beige accessories give it such a softness. Great find!

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