Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing: Spring 2015

Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing

If you may not know by now, I am an Anthropologie freak!  A while ago I posted my first edition of Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing: Fall 2014 with the idea of doing similar posts for each season as a quarterly series.  Well after visiting my local Anthro, I was totally inspired and ready to pull items for Spring 2015 from plus size retailers that have that look I am always craving for.

2015-04-03 10.02.00

2015-04-03 10.02.46

One of the things I love about Anthropologie is their displays.  They really know how to please the eye.  And regardless of the sizes that they have, the mannequins always give great styling ideas that you can translate into other items either from your closet or from other retailers.  I am going to be stealing that shorts look on the left from the image above and the center outfit from the image below to show you how I would do it at the very end of this post.2015-04-03 10.16.44

Taking my little field trip in mind, I went to work and scoured the internet to find the latest plus size Spring fashions in Anthro style.

This time around, I decided to organize the post by retailer with my picks from each.

AsosAsos Picks

1 / 2 / 3

These tops from Asos have that global pattern and texture that I just adore.  And I am always on the lookout for an interesting belt and have yet to get an Anthro one that is in my size, so this one is just perfect.


Avenue Top Picks

1 / 2 / 3

One item that I noticed quite a bit of in the Anthropologie store was the abundance of crochet and lace.  These two open weave cardigans are perfect for spring and summer.  I myself just purchased a similar one from Avenue that you will be seeing here in the near future in outfit posts.  The blue ombre top just really caught my eye and gives that handcrafted feel.

Avenue Dress Picks

1 / 2

These two Avenue dresses really capture the colorful and playful nature of Anthro.  They both would look great with one of the crochet cardigans.

Demestiks New York

Demestiks New York Picks Spring

1 / 2 / 3

I was thrilled when I saw that Demestiks New York came out with several new pieces for Spring.  This new-to-me company I found on Etsy makes made to order dresses and skirts in amazing prints up to 4X.  These three pieces are really tempting me.


Elvi Picks

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

This UK company has some beautiful pieces and I narrowed my picks to these four.  I love the floral print on the maxi skirt and flowy top.  Then the watercolor dress made me stop in my tracks, just stunning.  I though this gold disk necklace was way too good not to include in this line up.

Forever 21

Forever 21 Picks

1 / 2 / 3

Jumpers have been on my radar lately, so it is no wonder I included one in this post.  The pattern is subtle, yet striking.  This open lace over lay top is just beautiful and I can actually see it styled over the blue maxi dress.

Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure Picks

1 / 2

I first saw these patterned shorts on Instagram and was smitten right away.  I like the looser fit and fabric belt.  Now this skirt is a little different than what you might expect, but it reminded me so much of one of the outfits on a mannequin at Anthropologie, I had to include it.  I will be pulling a look together with this one at the end of the post to show you.

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant Picks

1 / 2 / 3

More color and pattern is readily available at Lane Bryant with these fantastic green flora print pants, pink and white dress, and watercolor floral top.  The new Lela Rose collection is so stunning that I am considering which piece I will get.

Mod Cloth

Modcloth Vest


Long duster cardigans were something that surprised me when I glanced through the Anthro Look Book when they paired them with items I never thought, like over shorts.

Old NavyOld Navy Picks

1 / 2

Anthropologie is always known for their fabulous printed jackets and I thought this blue geometric one was really pretty.  And, although simple, this totally on trend color of pale blue tee in linen would go perfect under the jacket among other pieces.


Torrid Picks

1 / 2 / 3

Lace is another fabric that was prevalent in the Anthropologie store, so when I saw these two pieces at Torrid, I knew they would work.  The coral one reminds me of the dress I showed at the beginning at this post from an in store display.  And shoes!  These cut out heels in a neutral color could be worn with so many things.

Twelve North

Twelve North Picks

1 / 2

Twelve North is a fairly new company that has some beautiful pieces.  My favorites are this yellow patterned pencil skirt and this silky blue and white tunic with a very Moroccan vibe.

Those are my picks for Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing for Spring 2015.  And as far as putting outfits together, here are three looks I pulled together from the pieces shown in this post.

Anthropologie Style PS Outfit 1

I would tie the linen tee in a knot at the waist or hip to give this ultra sexy skirt a little more relaxed feel.

Anthropologie Style PS Outfit 2

The mix of textures and pattern just makes this look so much fun.

Anthropologie Style PS Outfit 3And here is what I was talking about with placing the long vest over a pair of shorts.  This really takes a casual look to the next level.

See my other posts on this topic:

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Today’s Postivity Note

Fall in love with as many things as possible.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!



  1. Oh my gosh Janeane this is perfect! I actually almost bought that belt from ASOS Curve and landed on an Obi belt instead! If you get it, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

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