My Tuxedo Top

Anthropologie Longtail Tee & Tufted Dots Cardigan Sweater

Have you ever seen an image from a clothing advertisement that you could never get out of your head?  Well, the shopaholic in me sure remembered a picture from an older Anthropologie look book featuring the Longtail Tee by Bordeaux.  If you click over there, the third image shows the model casually walking down to the beach wearing this exact cardigan and top that I am.  I have had the cardigan for a while now and have already shown it here on the blog, but I succumbed to a sheer lack of will power when I saw this top for sale on Poshmark.  Did I not mention just a few posts ago that I needed an intervention for coral tops?  Shoot!!!Anthropologie Longtail Tee & Tufted Dots Cardigan Sweater

The top has a cropped front and a very long back that makes it super unique.  My husband looked at me really weird when I walked out of the bedroom with it on saying “Hmmm, I’m not too sure about that.  Well, I guess it’s ok, it kind of looks like a tuxedo with tails.  That’s cool!”  So this top is now dubbed The Tuxedo Top.  The white cropped denim is new to me and was an item I was actually searching for to wear in the spring and summer months.  I was pleased to find them brand new on Poshmark as well.Anthropologie Longtail Tee & Tufted Dots Cardigan Sweater

Anthropologie Longtail Tee & Tufted Dots Cardigan Sweater

I love how the necklace ties in both the bright orange of the tufts in the cardigan and the pinky coral in the top.  This is an older necklace I found in my closet while cleaning. Yah!Anthropologie Longtail Tee & Tufted Dots Cardigan Sweater

Crop tops on my short waisted torso look amazing!  I know that this is probably meant to skim the top of my pants, but I love the length of the front and how it makes my legs look longer.
Sam & Libby Arianna Gladiator Sandals

Ok, these sandals are the only part of my look that are actually still available and they are amazing!  I got them several weeks ago and they have already gotten several wears.  The tassels just dance when I walk and they are super comfy.
Anthropologie Longtail Tee & Tufted Dots Cardigan Sweater

Action shot!  I have to tell you that as lofty ideas that I have for this blog, I am still just a gal who loves fashion and wants to connect with those ladies that have that same passion.  Shooting by myself in my back yard with an old, but trusty camera with a timer and no clicker, can get a little frustrating.  I look at so many other fashion blogs that have amazing photography and being a creative person, I want to as well.  For right now, this is what I have to work with and it pushes me to think outside of the box.  This running shot is one of MANY that I attempted because I had visions of the shirt tail flowing behind me.  I was absolutely laughing my head off after about ten attempts of timing it correctly and having a half way decent look on my face.

Outfit Details:

Tufted Dots Cardigan Sweater: Anthropologie (similar)

Longtail Tee: Anthropologie via Poshmark seller khromano (similar)

White Cropped Jeans: Ann Taylor via Poshmark seller divastephrob (similar)

Coral & Pink Necklace: GAP (similar)

Snake Print Clutch: JCPenney (similar)

Sam & Libby Arianna Gladiator Sandals: Target

Do you have an obsession with a certain style or color of clothes like I do with coral tops?  I want to know!!!!

Today’s Postivity Note

Life is better when you’re laughing.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!



  1. Love the action shot and the story that goes with it. I do the same thing with my camera timer and also use a selfie stick. I’m sure my neighbors get a real hoot out of it when I have my photo shoots in my back yard! The outfit looks amazing on you!

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