Spring Color Palettes

Several years ago I decided to stop getting fashion magazines in an attempt to stop tempting myself to shop for the latest and greatest constantly.  Although I still have issues with the addiction and think I will always have to check myself, I picked up the latest issue of InStyle Magazine for inspiration.  Boy am I glad I did!  An editorial called Candy Crushes got me thinking about using pastels as part of my spring wardrobe, but not by going out and getting new items.  By shopping my current wardrobe I was able to pull together five new looks to test out by Designing From My Closet!

I have used color palettes several times here on the blog so this was right up my ally.  They took five pastel colors and gave two palettes per color to pair with the pastel.  I found that I really do not have many pastels to choose from since my massive closet clean out so there are some duplication of pastels, but totally different looks none the less.  The publication previews a much more sleek style than my personal one, but I still found it easy to pull the colors and use their same flat-lay technique to show you what I came up with.


Spring 2015 Color: Baby Blue Palette

1st palette: Baby Blue, Sienna, & Greige  |  2nd palette: Baby Blue, Chestnut, & Navy.

Spring 2015 Color: My Baby Blue Palette

I selected the second palette for this first ensemble.  This top is a cross between baby blue and lilac so you will see it again in another look.  I had never thought to pair it with this chestnut suede skirt, so that made me super happy.  And I really like how the navy accents through the pointy flats and wristlet really keep it from going too cutesy.  I added an antique gold metal coil cuff for a little more interest.

LILACSpring 2015 Color: Lilac Color Palette

1st palette: Lilac, Wine, & Navy  |  2nd palette: Lilac, Sky, & Lime

Spring 2015 Color: My Lilac Palette

Again, I went with the second palette choice and since that top is a cross between blue and lilac, I just took liberties to use it in this look too.  The sky color comes in form of my chambray full skirt.  Like the first outfit, I would have never paired these together and really like it.  By adding my lime quilted jacket it really punches up the fun factor.  And since these three main items are pretty much solids, I selected some leopard pumps and snake print clutch for interest.


Spring 2015 Color: Citron Palette

1st palette: Citron, Indigo, & Hunter  |  2nd palette: Citron, Sky, & Pink

Spring 2015 Color: My Citron Palette

Well, I guess I am on a roll with choosing the second palette, but I just worked with what I had and that was the whole point of this exercise.  My chambray skirt appears again as the sky color.  This look turned out to be super girly with the floral citron cardigan that has several other colors in it.  All the pink comes in through the top, clutch, and sandals.  I through in a long gold necklace for good measure.  Although I showed the top tucked in for this flat-lay, I want to try it out untucked as well.

MINTSpring 2015 Color: Mint Palette

1st palette: Mint, Forest, & Taupe  |  2nd palette: Mint, Blush, & TwilightSpring 2015 Color: My Mint Palette

Yah, first time using the first palette!  I am telling you, this exercise has really shocked me as these are items I have had for a while and have never thought of putting them together like this.  This forest green skirt gets topped off with a mint ruffle front tee and a floral cardigan that brings in that forest color again.  I took liberties with the taupe and went a little darker with the leather strap on the mint gem necklace, the clutch, and wedges.  I really like this shape and am super excited about trying it on!

Spring 2015 Color: Powder Pink Palette

1st palette: Powder Pink, Emerald, & Shell  |  2nd palette: Powder Pink, Fuchsia, & TangerineSpring 2015 Color: My Powder Pink Palette

This last one I had to really search.  The only powder pink item I had was a tank and when I was glancing over the bottoms I could pair it with, this floral skirt just jumped out at me.  It had all the colors of the second palette with powder pink, fuchsia, and tangerine + more!  I added a few more touches the colors with the fuchsia sandals, tangerine handbag, and ombre necklace that has both powder pink and fuchsia.  The camel faux leather jacket and ostrich belt just add that much needed neutral to this colorful look.  See this look on in my Floral & Leather post.

So there you have it, five, no ten color palettes for you to play with in your closet!  I would love to see if you try any of these and if you do, tag it on Instagram with #SpringColorPalette.

Today’s Postivity Note

One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well.

-Vincent Van Gogh

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!



  1. How nifty! I have also drawn inspiration from the InStyle color guides. I love how they feature the Pantone colors in surprising, interesting palettes. The lilac, sky, and lime outfit that you put together is a revelation! I would never think to combine those colors, but it’s a wonderful, whimsical combination. I also love the citron, sky, and pink outfit. This is a palette I’d love to wear, as it’s so vibrant, feminine, and fun. Thanks for this inspiration, Janeane! I’ll have to play with some of these palettes myself!

    ❤ Liz

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