Pulling it Off

Fatimas Wild Rose Creations Wool Top

One of my biggest objectives on Designing From My Closet is to promote positivity, especially among ladies.  I have a secret to reveal: I do not like any one of my outfits until my hair and makeup are done.  It’s true!  I have finally gotten to the point that I just fix my hair and makeup with my robe on and then get dressed afterwards.  The other secret is in response to a statement I get a lot: Oh, it looks fabulous on you, but I could never pull that off.  While I am a believer in personal style, I do not think any one woman is limited to what she can wear.

Fatimas Wild Rose Creations Wool Top

Take this one-of-a-kind handmade wool top for example.  It is super unique and I fell in love with it the instant I saw it.  In fact, I have already featuring it on the blog here styling it a different way.  When I showed the top on the hanger to friends and family to flaunt my new purchase and share the artist who created it, they oohed and ahhhed over it.  Each and every one of them said to me something like this: well, I just love it, but I would have no idea what to wear with it, you just know how to put things together.

Coach Handbag & Franco Sarto Wedges

Those comments could not be further from the truth as when I got it I really had no idea what bottoms I would pair it with, I just knew that with that many colors, my options were wide open.  My best advise to you and to others is to do exactly what I do: TRY!  Sometimes I put together some really hideous looks, but they are great lessons as to what might work next time.  How do I know that that turquoise necklace would look good with this top?  I didn’t.  I just put it on, tried it out, and it worked!Fatimas Wild Rose Creations Wool Top

Hand Crafted Wool Top: Fatimas Wild Rose Creations  |  Turquoise Necklace: Handmade by putting two thrifted necklaces together (similar)  |  Blue Ankle Pants: Worthington via Poshmark seller jillcoffee (similar)  |  Brown Handbag: Coach (similar)  |  Brown Pierced Wedges: Franco Sarto via Petticoat Lane Consignment (similar)Fatimas Wild Rose Creations Wool Top

What I can tell you is that I did play with shape for this outfit.  The top is actually one piece, kind of like a poncho that has snaps creating a peplum.  This voluminous top with its heavy visual weight led me to select these slim cropped pants for the bottom half.  The reason for these pants imparticular?  I just looked at the colors in the top and BOOM, there is some blue, selection done.

Fatimas Wild Rose Creations Wool Top

So the next time you are limiting yourself to what you wear, open your mind to the possibilities and know that you can PULL IT OFF!  There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who exudes confidence.

Today’s Postivity Note

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

-Marcus Aurelius

Be Blessed!


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  1. Love this unique top and your message. I too, just try things and see what happens. To me, getting dressed and accessorizing is about having fun and being creative.

  2. I love this, Janeane, and you are so right. I get a lot of, “You can pull off the coolest combinations!” I think a lot of it has to do with personality, but it’s also about experimentation, curiosity, and trying mismatched pieces just for the hell of it. Sometimes, it works out great. Like you, I’ve failed many a time as well, but that’s part of the process.

    I think it’s about seeing color and print differently. That color isn’t “too bright”, it’s “punchy and vibrant.” That print isn’t “tacky or garish”, it’s “bold and zippy.” I think a lot of women associate statement-making garments with screaming for attention, and that’s not what it’s about. It’s about wearing clothes that express your personality, and women shouldn’t be afraid to make a statement with how they dress. You just have to be choosey about what you want your style to say about yourself. I think your look says that you look for color and beauty in life. It shows that you’re feminine but know how to speak your mind. And it says that you’re confident enough to dress to express yourself and that you don’t hide behind boring clothes.

    ❤ Liz

  3. I am sorry it is taking me so long to catch up to all your wonderful outfits. I adore the beautiful colors in this top. That it is one-of-a-kind makes it even more special! It pairs so lovely with these pants, almost like they were made for each other! The dark browns really ground it and give a richer feel and depth to the whole look. So lovely!

    I agree with TRYING. That is probably my top advice to anyone who asks me – TRY IT! Best case scenario is you are surprised by it and love it and it opens up new options to you. Worst case, you hate it and are now educated more in what doesn’t work for you. Personally, I think the experimentation is part of the fun.

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