Posh Life

Anthropologie Odille languid Days Ikat Skirt

Well, it’s finally here!  I feel like I have been harping on the fact that I am turning 40 for the last several weeks, and today is my actual birthday.  There was a bit of a disappointment on my part for this particular post as I had planned on having a spectacular giveaway from a sponsor.  Unfortunately, I am just a bit too small of a blog to justify them gifting product.  At first, I was really sad and then I started to realize that I just began Designing From My Closet six short months ago.  I feel I have come a long ways since then and I hope that all of you that are reading enjoy what I put together.

Anthropologie Odille languid Days Ikat Skirt

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago and am just in love with it.  This really speaks of who I am.  That particular day I stopped in at a vintage consignment shop where I am a vendor for home decor and furniture and the owner went nuts over my look.  She even stopped to ask me if I could dress her because she has no idea what she is doing so she just wears black.  It made me take notice because it is not the first time that women have asked me to be their personal stylist.  I always took it in jest thinking they were just patronizing me.  This compounded with the fact that my interior design business has never taken off the way I would have liked.  It is a competitive field and as much as I enjoy designing, my birthday has made me start to re-evaluate my circumstances.

Do I have what it takes to help women with their wardrobes?  Where in the world is Designing From My Closet taking me?

These are just a couple of questions that have risen in my mind.  I would absolutely love to venture into this world especially since fashion design was my first major in college prior to switching to interiors.

Anthropologie Odille languid Days Ikat Skirt

The biggest reason I titled this post “Posh Life” is because almost my entire outfit was purchased off of Poshmark.  Buying on the app can be a little intimating at first.  I kind of wondered if I could trust the other person telling me what they had was legitimate.  After communicating with some very lovely ladies, I have gone with my gut to know if they are a trustworthy seller and so far it has not failed me.

Here are the items I got and the closets I bought them from:

  • Cropped Denim Jacket by MixIt | tdorm
  • Green Waist Cinched Top by Deletta from Anthropologie | zoradorable
  • Odille Languid Days Ikat Skirt by from Anthropologie | brooke1016
  • Cream & Brown Wedges by Jessica Simpson | janoonan

The other items from my closet:

After communicating with some very lovely ladies, I have gone with my gut to know if they are a trustworthy seller and so far it has not failed me.

Being short waisted, I love how the cropped jacket accentuates my waistline along with the pinch pleats of the top.  The colorful silk skirt was the inspiration behind the whole look and this time I chose to play up the green because it is my absolute favorite color.  The print on the skirt kind of reminds me of a vintage tablecloth with a little boho twist.  Then the strap wedges are a nice neutral to round out the ensemble.Anthropologie Odille languid Days Ikat Skirt

Anthropologie Odille languid Days Ikat Skirt

So here I am, forty and fabulous.  I am on my way into a new chapter of my life and I like where it is headed.  Even though I do not have a giveaway, I want to say how much I appreciate all of you who read my blog.  If you have not signed up already to get blog updates via email, I would love to have you join me so you do not miss a thing.  See the sign up in the right column.  Or if you prefer to follow me via Bloglovin’, click the “Follow me on bloglovin'” button below.  I also am on Instagram and Twitter, so I would love to see you all there too!

What do you think?  Should I pursue styling?

Today’s Postivity Note

At some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!



  1. I think you should! I came to your blog by way of your postmark account. I love how you put together outfits! Many of us need inspiration and ideas for different outfits.

    1. I remember this outfit very much! And that skirt is still one of my favorite pieces. I think I had it as one of my favorite outfits from 2015.


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