Introduction to Color: Part II

A few weeks ago, I began with the first of a series of posts I am working on titled Introducing Color to a Neutral Wardrobe.  It was a very basic way of adding simple color to an outfit.  This week, I am stepping it up a notch and making some colorful outfits using one colored + patterned accessory.
Color Series 2

I used the formula using two scarves as my colored + patterned accessory and then pulled the colors from the scarf to select each article of clothing to match.

Outfit 1

Scarf  |  Dress  |  Sandals

This infinity scarf has both floral and stripes which I think is a nice mix of pattern.  The basic colors in it are navy and chartreuse.  From there I selected a simple eyelet navy sundress that has lovely texture.  Then the pop of that yellow-green comes in down at the feet through the sandals.

Outfit 2I used this statement scarf with orange, pink, and blue in my last color post, but this time I am pulling all the colors into the outfit.  An orange cardigan gets put over a pink blouse that has a subtle white pattern on it.  It does not compete with the large scale pattern on the scarf.  Then the more muted blue is in the jeans and canvas sneakers.

Scarf  |  Cardigan  |  Top  |  Jeans  |  Sneakers

Using a colorful and patterned accessory like a scarf, necklace, handbag, or shoe is the perfect way to create a fool proof color palette from which to pull from.

Today’s Postivity Note

If you are feeling blue – try painting yourself a different color.  -Hannah Cheatem

Be Blessed!


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