Lane Bryant Review: Spring 2015

Hello Ladies!  I have to tell you that it has been a very long time since I have looked at Lane Bryant.  To give you a little background on me, I really never started shopping plus size clothing until about ten years ago.  When I turned 30, I found myself wanting to change my youthful style into something a little more sophisticated.  It was at the same time I was really not able to shop solely from the misses (and juniors, I know, cringe, but I was in my 20’s) section any more.  I felt at a loss for where to shop.  It seemed as though I did not have many options, I truly I didn’t.

Fast forward 10 years, I am quickly approaching my 40th birthday and I find myself more confident and sure of what I want to look like.  My husband is going to be taking me on a wonderful birthday vacation and I am looking for a few more items to take with me.  This whole monthly shopping budget has really helped me stick to what I really need to fill gaps in my wardrobe and be more conscience of the decisions I am making.

Yesterday, I stepped away from the office and went to the mall to check out some of the new Spring items that are available.  I walked into Torrid and was absolutely blown away by the beautiful and youthful items they had.  As I strolled around I came to the conclusion that the styles on the showroom floor was me 10 years ago.  Where was this store when I needed it?!!  I am so thankful that there are now shops like this that fill a need in the plus size market.

I next went over to Lane Bryant, of which I have not shopped at for a long time.  I think that Lane Bryant has gotten a bad rap for being too matronly and old.  To tell you the truth, I have at times felt the same way.  As I strolled through the store, I found quite a few items that I fell in love with so I wanted to share my fitting room findings with you.Lane Bryant Drape Front Maxi Dress

I fell in LOVE with the drape front maxi dress!  The beautiful turquoise blue color is dreamy and the unique draping makes it stunning.  The only issue I had was the super soft knit fabric clung to every lump and bump on the back side where it did not have any draping.  Major VPL happening!  I sized up to see if it would resolve the issue, but unfortunately it did not.  I am still totally in love with this dress and want to try it on again with some shape wear to see if it will resolve the problem I have with it.Lane Bryant Floral Mesh Sweater & Lena Textured Stripe Ankle Pant

This next look does not look as cute in the picture as it does in person.  The coral floral mesh sweater has an interesting semi-sheer brocade texture.  The Lena textured stripe ankle pant fit me like a dream (which is not an easy task for a short-waisted woman) with ample room in the thigh.  I realize that on most ladies these pants would have a more cropped look, but on me, they land right at the top of my foot, and I am ok with that.  I really liked the light seersucker texture of these pants and how luxe they felt against my skin. Lane Bryant Lena Textured Stripe Ankle Pant

The same fabric stripe down the side of the pants are such a special touch.  They are super flattering too.
Lane Bryant Floral Mesh Sweater

The top is even more special in the back as it has a zipper down the entire thing that you can adjust however much or little you want to have open.  This is the biggest reason I had the modest sleeve crew neck tee in white underneath.Lane Bryant Anorak Jacket & Floral Skater Skirt

This next look is not exactly appropriate for my trip, but it would be perfect for work.  This floral skater skirt was the first piece I picked up.  I loved the large scale floral pattern in coral, pink, white, and dark purple.  It has a nice thick hand and flows nicely.  I added the cotton cami in coastal coral that has adjustable straps (a key feature I look for because I am short-waisted) and the anorak jacket.  The more casual jacket kept the outfit from going too stuffy.  I even liked that it had a little coral trim along the zipper.  I styled it by just cinching in the waist tie and tying it in a bow.  What I really liked about this was that this olive jacket and coral tank could go with the pin stripe ankle pants from the previous look and then the floral skirt could go with the coral sweater, again from the previous look, for even two more outfits.Lane Bryant Colorblock Maxi Skirt & Ponte Moto Jacket with Zippers

This last look is something a little more out of my usual.  The pleated blue, black, & white colorblock maxi skirt has a super comfortable stretch waistband.  I was really afraid that this was going to give me too much bulk and volume, but it actually was very slimming.  I slipped on the white tee again and then topped it off with this fantastic white ponte moto jacket with zippers.Lane Bryant Colorblock Maxi Skirt & Ponte Moto Jacket with Zippers

I think the jacket kept this look still pretty youthful and not overly dressed up.  The bright white just livened up my face.  I just adored the asymmetric zipper on the jacket and then how the stripes float down instead of horizontal on the skirt.

Overall, I was beyond impressed with Lane Bryant’s quality.  The feel and finish details are things that I am now really looking for.  These are not fast-fashion items that would easily go to the wayside.  I am still highly considering purchasing several of these items and will keep you updated if I do!

Have you tried Lane Bryant recently?  What do you think about the brand?

Today’s Postivity Note

You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches. -Dita von Teese

Be Blessed!


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  1. Love that last look! You look so at ease in it, and it’s perfectly styled as a complete outfit. I’ve been shopping at Lane Bryant for many years now, probably less now than I used to. When I was teaching, I shopped at Lane Bryant almost exclusively. Now I can be more playful and flashy, so I shop with Anthropologie and Yours Clothing more frequently. Having worked on-and-off at Lane Bryant for years, I can speak to the shift towards more fashion-forward, dress-to-be-seen styles. They’ve definitely gotten more youthful, and while they still offer corporate fashions, those styles now have contemporary flair with zippers, interesting lapels, asymmetrical hems, etc.

    I also love the skirt with the anorak jacket. I’ve been eying that skirt since the catalog arrived. The jacket is a great way to dress it down and give it more of your signature boho flair!

    I’m glad you had a great experience at Lane Bryant. I have several pieces from there that have lasted for years and years, including my classic little black dress!

    ❤ Liz

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