Introducing Color to a Neutral Wardrobe

After several followers and friends have asked me about how I incorporate so much color and pattern into my wardrobe, I am going to do a series of posts on these topics.  This first post I titled Introducing Color to a Neutral Wardrobe is going to cover very basic outfits and adding one item of color.  This will be a simplistic way of dressing with taking baby steps into adding color if you only wear say black or gray.

I want to also preface that I have absolutely nothing against having an all neutral wardrobe and have many friends and fellow bloggers that are masters at mixing an all black outfit like pros.  This is for those who really want to begin infusing color into your closet and step out of your comfort zone.  I of course am partial to certain styles and I hope that this “how-to” post is basic enough to apply to those who have a different personal style than my own.

Adding Color to a Neutral Outfit


I came up with a basic formula on how to add one item of color to an all neutral outfit: Neutral Layer + Neutral Top + Neutral Pant + Color.  As you can see from the examples above, I stuck with fairly casual looks and they can be translated into dressier pieces easily, such as black skinny jeans can be subbed by a black pencil skirt.  The items of color are introduced through accessory items that I put into three different outfits.


Outfit 1

Navy Cardigan | White Tank | Distressed Jeans | Black Flats | Red Bracelets | Red Necklace

Neutral Outfit + Colored Jewelry

These red jewelry pieces really play nicely off of the navy and gray.  They give this look a more intentional feel rather than just having on a cardi and jeans.  For a dressy version, sub the cardigan for a navy blazer and the jeans for a full chambray skirt.


Outfit 2

Olive Jacket | Gray Tee | Skinny Jeans | Floral Sneakers

Neutral Outfit + Colored Shoes

Believe it or not, olive is a neutral and I love how this one plays into this look.  The fun floral sneakers give an unexpected element.  For a dressy version, exchange the sporty jacket for a blazer or structured cardigan and the skinnies for a dark denim pencil skirt.  A pair of hot pink suede pumps would do the trick in this instance.


Outfit 3

Denim Jacket | Gray Tee | Black Skinny Jeans | Black Flats | Colorful Scarf

Neutral Outfit + Colored Scarf

For the last look, a colorful scarf is all that is needed to make this feel special.  It could even be a solid colored scarf that you like.  Dress it up by swapping out the tee and jeans for a gray dress.

By adding this one piece of color, it is the first step into introducing color into your wardrobe.  I plan on delving a little bit more into having actual clothing pieces in color, mixing colors, adding pattern, and mixing patterns in future posts.  I hope that this has helped to those who have inquired because I had a lot of fun putting these looks together.  I look forward to working on this series on Designing From My Closet.

Today’s Postivity Note

Boldly dare to be a pop of color in a black and white world.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!


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