Ava & Viv for Target Review

After seeing so many of my favorite bloggers model the new Ava & Viv Spring 2015 Collection for Target, I really wanted to go and check it out for myself.  I went to the Westminster Mall location in California and was pleased to see a large section of the Women’s department was dominated by the new items.

Ava & Viv 2015 Spring Collection at Target

Since I have found from my closet clean out, I have some colors (hello coral!) that are kind of dominating my wardrobe, so as much as I love that solid one you see there on the left and that abstract watercolor looking one there on the right, I decided to expand my horizons and look for something different.

Ava & Viv 2015 Spring Collection at Target

I first tried the Long Sleeve Popover Top in Amparo Blue and Leisure Legging Pant in Black since I ended up selling my other black leggings because they did not fit correctly.  Unfortunately, I had the same problem with these pants that I did with the others.  The front of the rise came almost right under my bust and the back kind of dipped down.  Oh, the wohs of being short-waisted.  The color of the top was really pretty and I liked the thickness of it, making it feel substantial.

Ava & Viv 2015 Spring Collection at Target

I slipped on the Long Sleeve Blazer in Heather Gray over the top just to get a feel for how it would look.  This piece I really liked.  The cut was fitted, yet not tight.  I loved the fact that it did not have lapels and that the knit construction would allow me to push the sleeves up without being tight.

Ava & Viv 2015 Spring Collection at Target

This navy floral woven blouse was next. I liked the abstract print and collarless blouse feel.  The fit was nice and the back hem is lower than the front.

Ava & Viv 2015 Spring Collection at Target

I threw on the gray blazer again and thought how great it was how everything looked together from the collection.

Ava & Viv 2015 Spring Collection at Target

Since the jacket is a little shorter, I like how the back hem peeks out and shows the floral pattern.

Ava & Viv 2015 Spring Collection at Target

This look I was really hesitant to show.  When I picked it up on the floor, I thought it would be cool to pair the shirt with the matching navy floral palazzo pants to create a jumper look.  Well, I really do not like the way this looks.  I felt I looked really bottom heavy and made me look bigger than I really am.  Untucked it looked like I was wearing pajamas.

Ava & Viv 2015 Spring Collection at Target

Ok, so coral made it’s way in!  But in the form of a dress this time.  The Short Sleeve Dress in Fifties Pink called my name.  Although I was thrilled with the fact that it had pockets, I did not like the way they stuck out when not in use making my hips look wider.  I would have preferred this dress much more had the neckline been a little lower.  The thickness of the fabric was again very substantial without being heavy or uncomfortable.

Ava & Viv 2015 Spring Collection at Target

Well, those were my in store picks of the new Ava & Viv 2015 Spring Collection for Target.  I have to say my favorite piece out the ones I tried on was the blazer.  It fit me well and could be a useful piece in my wardrobe.

Have you tried the new Ava & Viv collection?  What do you think? 

Today’s Postivity Note

Smile, happiness looks gorgeous on you.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!



  1. I actually like some of these after seeing them on you. I was in the store the other day. There wasn’t a whole lot of pieces on display, but nothing looked really great to me. There were at least 5 dolman-sleeve type tops that were just hideous. I really like the floral top and blazer look and the coral dress. I do see what you mean about the neckline needing to be lower. I do appreciate how they did the stripes though!

    1. I have to say that most of the pieces do not have much hanger appeal because they are kind of what I would call “Sporty Chic” style with drapey knits and flowey tops. Once they got on the body though, they took on a whole new life. I would love to know what you think if you get to try some on!

  2. Thanks for these reviews, Janeane! I like how the separates mix and match nicely with one another. It’s nice to see that Target thought that through. My favorite piece on you is the periwinkle top. I’m glad to hear that the fabric is substantial because I feel like everything is turning to sheer polyester these days! I am not a fan! The blazer isn’t something I’d pick up, but I like how it fits you and that the knit makes it comfortable and easy to move in. Lane Bryant (finally!) released some blazers last fall with knit panels through the shoulders and under the arms. I usually love the tailored look of blazers, but I hate how restricting and tight they are through my shoulders and arms. Using knit is a smart compromise, another clever move on the part of Target.

    Those printed pants are a definite pass. They do nothing for you, and I agree that they could almost double as pajamas. That pant silhouette has never worked on my body either. I’m sure some blogger/fashionista out there will buy and rock them, so I’m waiting for that!

    I also like the coral striped dress. The stripes are thoughtfully placed, and the fabric seems like a good choice for a casual, everyday dress. I also prefer deeper necklines. I’m a little disappointed to see so many notch-necks because it’s still essentially a crew neck (which I hate), just with a dip in the middle. I get all fussy about them, always pulling them down to keep from choking me.

    I really appreciated these reviews. We don’t shop at Target often, but this does make me want to stop in and try some of the Ava & Viv for myself!

    ❤ Liz

    1. Liz-I think we are always on the same wavelength when it comes to things. And thanks on the compliments, this is my first time doing a review like this and it was a little different writing it, so I am happy it translated well.


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