Valentine’s Day Picnic in Cool Gal Blue

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate those who we love.  For me, it is my husband of 19 years.  And why leave all the planning to the boys when I can whip up some fun, romantic event that we both can enjoy!  I am not a very fussy girl, in fact, I prefer simple outings over fancy restaurants.  This year, I am planning on a picnic in the park.

Valentine's Day Picnic

I started off with a rug left over from a previous design project.

Valentine's Day Picnic

Then, I gathered some table ware that I got for a tea party last year in a metal basket.

Picnic C

Now with the stage set for a romantic lunch, an equally sweet, yet sexy outfit is next in line.

Picnic E

Red is such an iconic color for Valentine’s Day and when Cool Gal Blue sent me this beautiful burgundy cardigan, I realized that I really had nothing in this color besides a sweater.  It is so unbelievably soft and silky feeling that I was worried it was going to show every lump and bump.  I was so thrilled when I put it on that is just glided over my skin so nicely.

Cool Gal Blue Waterfall Front Cardigan in Burgundy & Jean Jeggings

Waterfall Cardigan in Burgundy: Cool Gal Blue  |  Jean Jeggings: Cool Gal Blue  |  Irridescent Stone Pendant Necklace & Earring Set: Cool Gal Blue  |  Love Clutch: No Rest For Bridget (similar)  |  Fringed Boots: ReFashion (similar)

Rather than leaving the waterfall cardigan open, I decided to use it as a wrap top by adding a simple skinny gold belt from my closet.  By tying the belt rather than buckling it, it gave it a funky twist to the look.

Cool Gal Blue Waterfall Front Cardigan in Burgundy & Iridescent Stone Necklace

Now, Y’all know I am a necklace girl, even with the most casual and simple of outfits, so when this gold, sparkling beauty came out of the Cool Gal Blue box, I immediately knew I had to wear it.  I love the extra long length giving a visually slimming effect.  And the ivory stones are actually iridescent.  The necklace comes in a set with matching earrings.  As I do not have my ears pierced, this is the perfect opportunity to gift them to my mom (my other Valentine)!

Cool Gal Blue Waterfall Front Cardigan in Burgundy & Jean JeggingsI am a late bloomer when it comes to jeggings.  In fact, these are the very first pair I have ever tried on.  They too are silky and glide over the body without clinging.  They even have back pockets like real jeans!

Cool Gal Blue Waterfall Front Cardigan in Burgundy & Jean JeggingsWhen I stepped out to show my hubby my new threads, he stopped in his tracks and said “Whoa, Sexy Hippie!  I LIKE that!”  Well, I guess after 19 years, that was quite a good reaction.  I would say that is a winner!  And who doesn’t want to look sexy for their honey, especially on Valentine’s Day?  I really felt like myself in this look and think it fits my new self defined personal style of Vintage Bohemian.

Cool Gal Blue Waterfall Front Cardigan in Burgundy & Jean JeggingsNot only did I feel sweet, romantic, and sexy, I was super comfortable.  The cardigan top and jeggings felt like I was sporting my comfy pajamas, but yet the look says casual elegance.  Perfect for a picnic in the park with my Valentine!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  Laid back, or uber elegant?

Today’s Postivity Note

Self-confident is the best outfit, rock it and own it.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!

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Cool Gal Blue was kind enough to lend me these items and I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.




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