Chasing a Necklace: My Pinning Mission

Let me warn you, this is a post contains full blown shopping addiction behavior at its worst!  It all began back in October of 2014 when Jessica of Breakfast at Gigi’s posted a look she dubbed Mint & Mustard.  The casual outfit consisted of a mustard cardigan, a mint top, jeans, heeled booties, & a fabulous multi strand necklace.  Well, I pinned the post with the intention of recreating the look mostly due to the fact that I became obsessed with the Anthropologie La Jolla necklace she was sporting.  That was the only missing piece to the puzzle since I had everything else in my closet.

Inspired by a Pin: Mint and Mustard

Now here is my side-by-side with my inspired Pin.  But before we look at the details, here is what transpired.  Jessica’s necklace was sold out and I went on a search for a similar looking necklace.  And my chasing the necklace saga begins.

First to be found was the LOFT Long Braided Multi Strand Necklace.  By the time I got around to purchasing, it was sold out too.  Onward and upward, I found this Beaded Multistrand Necklace on the Nordstrom website just as my husband and I were getting ready to go on a Vegas trip.  And while you’re in Vegas, you shop!  Now envision this, a visit to Nordstrom, in a huge mall, with your husband.  Ya, I did not think this one through.  A few minutes in (well maybe a little more), the natives were restless and I left empty handed.  By the time we returned home, the Nordstrom necklace was again…SOLD OUT!

Necklace Look-A-Likes: Anthropologie La Jolla Necklace, LOFT Long Braided Multi Strand Necklace,  Nordstrom Beaded Multistrand Necklace, World Market Multicolored Layered Statement Necklace


By this time, I had kind of written off the whole idea and was starting into my 30 Days No Shopping challenge.  When Christmas wish list time rolled around, I was glancing through the World Market website and low and behold, the Multicolored Layered Statement Necklace jumped out at me.  As I scrolled down…OUT OF STOCK.  What the what?!!!

So, no getting this necklace for Christmas, but I did put myself on the World Market Alert to be emailed if it ever came back into stock.  Earlier this month, I got that email and I ordered that puppy so fast online.

This necklace is so lovely and it fits into my whole “Vintage Bohemian” personal style I am evolving into.  It has the same feeling as the inspiration necklace with the layers, gold circle charms, and multi colored beads in turquoise, red, & lime green.  It feels and looks so much more expensive than the reasonable price tag.

Chasing a Necklace: World Market Multicolor Layered Statement NecklaceMulticolored Layered Statement Necklace: World Market  |  Ombre Breakers Cardigan: Anthropologie (similar)  |  Mint Laser Cut Top: Ann Taylor (similar)  |  Jeans: Chico’s via Goodwill of Orange County (similar)  |  Wedge Sandals: Franco Sarto via Petticoat Lane Consignment (similar)

I had this mint top with laser cut outs at the neckline that has been one of my favorites in my closet for several years now.I had this mint top with laser cut outs at the neckline that has been one of my favorites in my closet for several years now.  The mustard colored open weave cardigan was a piece I have had for a while.  I loved it, but was not wearing it as much as I liked.  I am now smitten with the way this looks together.

Chasing a Necklace: World Market Multicolor Layered Statement NecklaceChasing a Necklace

First photo shoot with Zeke!

I am participating with Audrey at Putting Me Together for her #PMTStyleChallenge.  This weeks theme: Inspiration: Copy an Outfit You Pinned.  It was kind of funny to see her post about this weeks challenge because I had already begun this post, so it worked out perfectly.

Now after all that trouble, I better get to planning more looks with this necklace that I chased for what seemed like forever!

Do you Pin?  I would love to see what you are Pinning too!  Follow me on Pinterest: Janeane Pittman Interior Design.  I have a dedicated board for Designing From My Closet and for my “personal shopping list” board called For My Closet.

Today’s Postivity Note

A bad attitude can literally block love, blessings, and destiny from finding you.  Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!

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  1. I am so glad you finally got the necklace, that’s why my mom always tells me if you really like it get because you don’t know if your going to find it again or they will have your size. But yeah I love the colors mint and mustard but would have never thought it would go together and they work really well together. The necklace really pulls the outfit together and it’s a beautiful piece!


  2. I LOVE World Market necklaces! And I totally understand the shopping addiction behavior. When I get a particular piece in my mind I can’t rest until I find it. (P.S. Found you via the Style Challenge link up).

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