Patterned Pants

Patterned PantsPatterned Pants

I have been admiring Sheena of I Am She Global‘s style for a while now.  She and I not only both have interior design backgrounds, she also has an exotic and colorful wardrobe that I appreciate.  One type of clothing item that she has show many times has been patterned soft pants.  When I saw this blue Moroccan-esqe pair at Walmart, I wanted to give the look a try with my own “Vintage Bohemian” personal style.  I found them online, but they do not list this pattern, so check your local store if you are interested in the blue color.

Patterned PantsPatterned PantsPatterned Pants

Patterned Pants: Walmart (similar)  |  Blue Cowl Neck Top: Essentials by Milano (gift) (similar)  |  Dark Denim Jacket: Old Navy  |  Turquoise, Wood, & Gold Fringe Necklace: World Market (similar)  |  Antique Gold Wire Cuff: Thrifted (similar)  |  Congac Wedge Booties: JC Penny (similar)

On the home front, we got a dog!  After the passing of Maggie Mae this last August, I was completely devastated and never thought I could ever let a dog into my heart again.  Zeke has found that soft spot and we are currently getting used to each other.  Exhaustion does not even begin to express how I feel right now.  He is 2 1/2 years old and is getting over abandonment issues which is really sad, yet very challenging to work with.  Exuding love and happiness, Zeke will hopefully learn to trust us to always have his back.


Today’s Postivity Note

Put your positive pants on.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!

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Macy's Pants6pm TopOld Navy JacketAmerican Eagle NecklaceWire CuffWedge Booties



  1. Oh my goodness Janeane! What a lovely surprise!! I love that we can inspire one another! Fashion is fun and I love experimenting with funky prints and accessories! Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your fab printed pants! Let’s head to Morocco, shall we?!

  2. So happy to see that Zeke has joined the family! Jazzy was a rescue dog who was abadoned and starving in a ditch. Seven years later, she still has separation anxiety. We have to crate her when we leave, or she’ll destroy the house. However, when she’s with us, she’s the happiest, most loving, and most loved dog. I hope the same for you and Zeke!

    Also – you wear blue so beautifully. I love all the different shades in this look and that you threw in an eclectic touch with the spiked necklace!

    ❤ Liz

  3. Aww Zeke is adorable! The pants are so fun, I’ve been looking for a printed pant. I might have to check out my local walmart and see if they have different prints. I love all the blues in this outfit, they work together so well. 🙂


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