Remixing A Dress: Bright Kelly Green

As my on-going process of purging my wardrobe continues, I have been exploring new ways to wear items that I already own.  There was a bright kelly green dress that I came across during my initial closet clean-out in December that I was on the fence about keeping.  I talked about keeping items I was unsure about and having a “funeral” for your clothes in my last HUGE post I titled Surviving 30 Days Without Shopping.  Well this dress was one of those items.

Old Navy Green Dress

It was also what I considered a summer dress because of its cut and color, but honestly, the polyester fabric always made me boil, boil I say, during the hot months.  To see if it could pass the test of staying or going, I decided to see how I could remix this dress into something I absolutely loved and also be able to wear in the California fall and winter months.

I took some of my interior design principals and applied them to putting color with pattern and texture.  Here is my Designing From My Closet formula: Bright Dress + Neutral Top (with interest or pattern) + Fun Shoes = Finding three new ways to remix a dress!

Remixing a Dress

Top Row: Blue Fit & Flair Dress  |  Green Maxi Dress  |  Teal Sheath Dress

Middle Row: Lace Top  |  Ikat Top  |  Stripe Tee  |  Sweater Vest

Bottom Row: Leopard Pumps  |  T-Strap Wedges  |  Wedge Booties

If you have a basic sheath, fit & flair skater style, or maxi dress in a bright color this formula can work to get the most life out of one dress.



Green Dress  with Lace Top

Dress: Old Navy (similar)  |  Lace Top: LOFT (similar)  |  Cheetah Belt: Target (similar)  |  Green & Tan Zig Zag Clutch: Anthropologie (similar)  |  Leopard Pumps: Payless (similar)

Green Dress

Ivory Fringed Pendant: Anthropologie (similar)  |  Wood Carves Bangles: Thrifted (similar)  |  Bone & Gold Bangle: Unknown via Goodwill of Orange County (similar)

The sheer quality of the ivory lace top and how the dress color peeks through is what really drew me to put this outfit together.  It takes this very casual dress to another level and is perfect now for going out to dinner or even meeting with clients.  The belt really helps define my waist as being short-waisted, I really need all the help I can get.  There is a subtle pattern mix going on here between the lace, cheetah belt, chevron pattern purse, leopard shoes, & carved wood bangles.  All of the texture is making this look something I love.



Green Dress with Ikat Top

Dress: Old Navy (similar)  |  Ikat Knit Top: LOFT (similar)  |  Zebra Clutch: H&M via Goodwill of Orange County (similar)  |  Black & White Wedges: Payless with ReFashion by me (see DIY post) (similar)

Green Dress with Ikat Top

Mint and Brown Suede Teardrop Necklace: World Market  |  Amy Magnetic Bracelet: Chico’s (similar)

This black & white Ikat print top has been one that I love, but have had issues with the length when I try to wear it with pants.  Now I think this is how it was meant to be!  The length is perfect for this application on my body.  And I got to wear my ReFashioned black & white wedges again, so this makes it even better.  A little “bling” added through the form of a mint colored statement necklace and gold chain bracelet and my look is complete.  If you had not noticed, although I am adding black and white patterns in the top, clutch, & shoes, they all vary in scale and saturation of color.  The top has a lot of white, the clutch has muted white, and the shoes are mostly black with just touches of white.



 Green Dress with Sweater VestDress: Old Navy (similar)  |  Striped Tee: LOFT (similar)  |  Sweater Vest: Part LOFT, Part me (see ReFashion DIY) (similar)  |  Bird Necklace: Target (similar)  |  Brown Braided Belt: H&M (similar)  |  Brown Wedge Booties: JCPenny (similar)

Sorry for the Non-Uniform style of the image, but I took this picture on my iPhone for Instagram the first time I tried to remix this dress prior to me thinking about doing this post.  After this day was done, I realized the real potential in this kelly green dress.  This is probably the most casual of the three with a white and black 3/4 sleeve tee and ivory sweater vest that I ReFashioned after finding a sweater at Goodwill of Orange County.  A fun bird necklace (ah, I love birds!), brown belt, & congac wedge booties round out the look.

Remixing a Dress | Designing From My Closet

Verdict, this green dress is a keeper!  I am linking up with Audrey at Putting Me Together for her weekly style challenge.  This week’s theme is Wear A Bright Color and I thought that this kelly green dress fit perfectly.

Today’s Postivity Note

Hello Wonderful!  You are brave, capable, creative and ready.  Go make life happen!

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!



  1. Really love all the different ways you styled this dress! I think the last look with the booties is my favorite 🙂 Just stopping by from PMT !

  2. I love posts like this – I am all about getting the most out of your wardrobe! Also, kelly green is my absolute favorite color so I love the dress. I especially love it with the lace top over it!

  3. I love everything you did with this dress. The first outfit is my favorite! I love your guide for putting these together! Such a beautiful shade of green, too.

  4. Definitely a keeper! The color alone would make me so sad to part with it. I go through a similar process to test tired pieces and see if I can liven them back up. I love it on its own: it’s chic and ladylike but still bold in kelly green. And, of course, it goes beautifully with your hair. I also love it with the white lace top. It’s genius because you get the peeks of green through it. It’s such an interesting look! I’m glad that this round was a success!

    ❤ Liz

  5. Oh I love the equations you came up with to remix the dress, I think they all came out great. I might have to try this with some of my bright colored dresses that I own. I’m glad your keeping the dress because it looks great all the ways you’ve styled it and I bet you could use your equation to come up with even more ways to wear it with things in your closet.


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