Style SOS: Precious Poppy Cardigan

When Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy did a collaboration post titled Style SOS – Mirrored Deer Tee with Gwen of London Preppy, I was in love with the idea of having someone else take a look at an article of clothing from my closet that I had a hard time styling.  I immediately contacted them and put them to work on my hardest piece from my wardrobe that also happens to be one of my favorites: The Precious Poppy Cardigan from Anthropologie.

Precious Poppy Cardigan

I have had it a while & is no longer available, so I found a few similar feeling cardigans at Chico’sYoox, and Anthropologie just in case you like the look.  This soft gray cardigan has lavender poppies appliqued to the front and back.  It is as if you walked through a romantic garden and flowers delicately placed themselves on your shoulders.  So fairy tail like.  Then came the moments of pairing this piece to make a cohesive outfit.  Not a fairy tail ending!

Enter Liz and Gwen coming to my Style SOS rescue.  They gave me six concept boards on which to give me inspiration.  I was so pleased that I went ahead and tried all of the looks, so here they are:


Outfit Idea 1 for Style SOS

Liz created this concept board having the cardigan being placed over a purple shift dress and cinched at the waist with a wide belt to give a rustic romantic look.  I instantly fell in love with this look and knew it would fit my style.

Since I had a Target gift card from Christmas, I took the opportunity to purchase a purple dress similar to the straight style on the inspiration board.  My congac riding boots that you have seen so many times before on my posts got to come out and play here.  I really fell in love with the belt that she picked, but when I found this triple braided one at Goodwill of Orange County, I knew it would fit the look perfectly.  Since I do not have my ears pierces, I decided to wear a necklace I got from all places, a lavender festival in Paso Robles that has a similar earthy feel as the earrings.

Style SOS: Precious Poppy Cardigan

Purple Dress I am wearing: Target  |  Heather Benjamin Lavender Stone Drops: Anthropologie  |  Lace Up Boots: Similar at Nordstrom Rack  |  Juni Corset Belt: Anthropologie


Outfit Idea 2 for Style SOS

The second look from Liz was this uber feminine outfit.  I was taken back by the tulle skirt and imagined myself floating around in it as if I were a princess.  I even looked into purchasing one when I realized that it was just not going to be a practical purchase for me.  To get this lovely look without the tulle, I found this really cute gray pleated sweater skirt that I knew would give me the flounce.  I also knew this was something I could pair with many other things in my closet since I have been searching for more skirts.

That belt is EVERYTHING!  I fell hard for it when I saw it, but was not prepared to buy it.  It was so unique that I could not get it out of my mind.  Then when I got an Amazon gift card, I happened across a purple leopard embossed belt that just made me flip out!  You can’t really see the detail in this pic, but you can see it better on a post I did on Instagram.  I already had some gray suede oxfords I got from Payless last year and a lavender top from LOFT, so my look was then complete.  I wore the belt backwards with the buckle in the back to keep a cleaner look on the front and added my gold circle necklace that resemble the circle earrings.

Style SOS: Precious Poppy Cardigan

Lavender Tee on Inspiration Board: Anthropologie  |  Burnished Leopard Belt on Inspiration Board: Anthropologie  |  Leopard Embossed Belt I am wearing: Yours Clothing via Amazon  |  Tulle Skirt on Inspiration Board: Anthropologie  |  Gray Pleated Sweater Skirt I am wearing: Target  |  Bubble Drop Earrings: Anthropologie  |  Gray Suede Booties: Similar to Inspiration Board


Outfit Idea 3 for Style SOS

When Liz sent this inspiration board over, I was really unsure.  It seemed so simple.  Almost like, why didn’t I think of that?  With an Art Deco feel in mind, this look gives the cardigan a more classy look that I like.  I had a pair of dark wash trouser jeans and some sparkly jewelry that would go with the outfit, but I had nothing like these amazing shoes.  I looked in my closet and found a pair of black wedges that I did a little ReFashion to.  You can check out the full post of how I did it and a better close up of them here.  And now they have a similar look with just a few bucks and a little time.

Style SOS: Precious Poppy Cardigan

Plus Size Black Trousers similar to Inspiration Board: Neiman Marcus  |  Arik Kastan Labradorite Grande Navette Ring: Anthropologie  |  Fanned Moonlight Drops: Anthropologie  |  Catch A Glimpse Wedges: Anthropologie


Outfit Idea 4 for Style SOS

I really, really, really liked this board.  Liz even gave me styling tips on how to wear the scarf.  I had everything I needed to pull this look off in my closet except for a scarf in this color way.  When I was Christmas shopping at a consignment shop, I scored and found a gauzy purple and gray floral scarf that was on clearance!  I love the juxtaposition of the distressed and romantic.  I even got to wear my grandmothers amethyst ring.  And anytime I get to wear sentimental items, it makes my day.  I interpreted the gold leaf earrings as my set of stacked gold and rhinestone bracelets.

Style SOS: Precious Poppy Cardigan

Plus Size Distressed Jeans: Nordstrom  |  Lavender Scarf: Similar to Inspiration from BCBGeneration  |  Alkemie Midas Fern Earrings: Anthropologie  |  Tabby Belt: Anthropologie  |  Heather Benjamin Sculpted Jasper Ring: Anthropologie  |  Eloise Scooped Layering Tee: Anthropologie  |  Brown Booties: Similar to Inspiration from Macy’s



Outfit Idea 5 for Style SOS

Now Gwen did a little snooping around on some of my older posts and saw that I had this purple lace skirt from LOFT.  Why had I not paired these two together a long time ago?  Duh?  Anyhow, I selected a little silver heart necklace with amethyst that my husband gave me for Valentine’s day several years ago that looked similar to the beautiful leaf one on the concept board.

Now these boots!  I really liked the idea of having purple heels for this outfit and on the same shopping trip at Goodwill of Orange County finding the wide belt for look #1 I spotted these boots that have bows on the back.  To seal the deal, they were half off the $8 price tag and they were brand spankin’ new.  I really can’t believe how they match the color of the skirt!

Style SOS: Precious Poppy Cardigan

Purple Lace Skirt: Similar at Forever 21  |  Pink Dahlia Earrings on Etsy  |  Silver and Gemstone Leaf Necklace on Etsy  |  Purple Heels with Lace on Etsy


Outfit Idea 6 for Style SOS

Ok, stop the presses!  When Gwen gave me this concept, I was like “What the what?!!”  I was intrigued and so willing to try this unconventional look.  Again, she found this fabulous colored wood bead necklace that I already owned and paired it my sweet floral cardigan.  It did prompt me to get some orange flats that I thought I could return if I absolutely hated the look, but now I am in love with it.

The chambray joggers and gray tee that I have under the buttoned up sweater were from my closet too, so it was easy to pull together.  This is probably my favorite look, although I love and am going to wear all six throughout the winter and early spring.

Style SOS: Precious Poppy Cardigan

Plus Size Denim Joggers: Asos  |  Plus Size Gray Tee: Target  |  Orange Necklace: Similar to mine from 31 Bits  |  Orange Flats I am wearing: Payless

I have to say I had high hopes when I submitted my plea and my expectations were not only met, they totally blew my mind!  Both Liz and Gwen are covering their sides of the story on their blogs, so please stop by and check them out at With Wonder and Whimsy and London Preppy.

Which is your favorite look?  Do you have an article of clothing you love, but are unsure of how to style it?

Today’s Postivity Note

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.” -Cushnie Et Ochs

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!

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  1. I loved reading your take on this experience, and I feel like you and I share a similar approach to building an outfit. We both talked about themes and staying true to the feel of a garment or silhouette even if you used different pieces. I have to applaud you for attempting all six outfits. I’m sure it was a little overwhelming. I hesitated about sending you all four outfit boards that I designed, but I wanted you to have your pick of the lot. I think by attempting all six, you got a feel of what styles work for you and which really highlight the sweater in a way you like.

    I have to agree that Gwen’s punchy casual look is fabulous on you. She’s amazing, isn’t she? I’ll look at something she put together in an outfit board and it’ll seem so out of left field. But in actuality, it pulls together beautifully.

    This challenge also inspires me to play with more of my unconventional sweaters. Usually I just pair them with bootcut jeans, but this makes me think they have a bit more potential.

    Thanks so much for participating in this! I love that you reached out and asked to be involved. I had such fun putting these looks together for you!

    ❤ Liz

    1. I was not planning at first to do all six, but I did them over a 2 1/2 week period and it was not that bad. They were all just too good and I had most of everything to pull them together. Again, a big thanks to you and Gwen. I had a blast doing it.


  2. I just read Liz’s post about this so it was great to read about your thoughts on the inspiration board and how you interpreted the outfits. I think you did a great job at recreating each look and making them fit your style. I think my favorite looks are the one with the dress and the two skirt looks. The sweater by the way is very cute and I think it was fun how they helped you style it. 🙂


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