Vintage Bohemian Christmas Outfit

My personal style has been evolving over the years and it has just been a recent discovery that I defined mine as “Vintage Bohemian”.  It has been keeping me focused on what type of pieces I want to get for my wardrobe without getting distracted by other pretties that I admire on others, but then soon realized they are just not me.

It is tradition that we go to my sister-in-laws home on Christmas Eve to celebrate with my husbands extended family.  While on a shopping trip to The Hanger in Laguna Niguel, CA I found the perfect item to wear to this party: a bohemian chic cardigan sweater with black fringe, gold sequins, & silver beads.

Bohemian chic sweater, purple top, & skinny jeans topped off with a vintage necklace & bag

To keep it modern I am wearing it with a simple knit purple top from Loft (short sleeves because I know I am going to be hot otherwise!), Chico’s dark wash skinny jeans, & black zip up booties.

I love this vintage necklace with its glass cut cameo

The vintage part of the outfit comes in through this beautiful three strand gold necklace with cut glass details.  I just adore the cameo.  This piece was my moms and I always remember admiring it when I would play dress up.

Vintage Silver Beaded Party Bag A silver beaded party bag that was my grandmothers adds another vintage touch to the look and brings me even more memories.  She was a wonderful woman that I still think of often.  I just love how this bags style is still so relevant.

Now I am ready to PARTAY!

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas as you celebrate with family and friends!

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!




  1. Love the sparkly little touches in this outfit! And I am such a sucker for vintage bags. I can’t even search for them on Etsy without spending several hours and too many dollars. I love the boho vibe you lent to this look with the longer length necklaces. I think they’re the perfect touch for boxier sweaters or outfits that feel a bit stuffy. They immediately relax the look and add a casual-glam touch. I think “vintage bohemian” is a perfect descriptor for your style!

    ❤ Liz

    1. I kept thinking I was going to get a picture of myself next to my sister-in-laws tree in this outfit to post, but I guess I was having such a good time at the Christmas Eve party, it never happened. Blogger problems!


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