I have been enjoying reading and listening to Lucia of U Can’t Wear That for a while now.  She has wonderful blog and video posts that I have gotten so much from.  She has a unique point of view that is infectious, so when she posted a video telling about how she wanted the plus size fashion community to get to know each other, I was compelled to follow suite.  She compiled a list of 15 questions to answer and post them with the hashtag #PlusSizeFashionTag.  Now I attempted to do a video as well to give my answers, but for some reason, the camera on my laptop is not wanting to cooperate with me, so here they are in text form.

1. Who are you and how involved with fashion are you? -My name is Janeane Pittman and I am a believer in personal style, both in the home and with the wardrobe, which is why I started this fashion blog to show my love of fashion in relation to my profession as an interior designer.

2. Describe your personal style. -I have a vintage bohemian style that incorporates color and pattern.

This dress is so full of pattern and color, just for me!

3. What advice would you give other plus size women who want to branch out with their personal style? -I would say to take risks wherever you can to explore your personal style, even if it means making mistakes.  A woman is always her most confident when she dresses in what she loves.

4. How do you feel about the plus size fashion community? -Since beginning my blog, I have been blown away by the quick friendships that I have made in the plus size fashion community.  I have women all over the world that I have connected with.  I love that so many have their own unique style that I can so appreciate, even if it is miles away from mine.  I see that confidence, and that is what is so beautiful to me!

5. What is your favourite place to shop and why? -I love shopping at Anthropologie.  It is my vibe through and through.

6. *apparently I missed this one out* sorry

7. Name a store you would love to shop in, that doesn’t currently stock your size? -Funny enough, Anthropologie.  While I can fit into a small sampling of what they have, I have to find other sources to get the style I crave in the size I need.

Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing

8. Your number 1 fashion tip. -Wear what you love!

9. One embarrassing fashion moment you have had. -Wow, so many to choose from.  Probably the worst was when I was at work (in a corporate environment) and I went to file something in a bottom drawer.  As I squatted, my dress pants split all the way up my thighs and opened up the crotch.  Yah, I took an early lunch to go home and change.

10. One fashion risk you have taken this year? -Wearing black leggings with leather sides.  Ok, it was a risk for me!


11. Who or what inspires your style most? -I have to say that all the products I look at for interior design really inspires me the most.

12. If you designed one plus size fashion piece, what three elements would the garment have to have? -Color, pattern-mixing, embroidery

13. Name and link three (or more) bloggers that inspire you/are under rated/ are a little bit different etc… -Liz from With Wonder & Whimsy, Jessica from Breakfast at Gigi’s, & Amy from Full Figured & Fashionable

14. What is your favourite item of clothing and why? where is it from? etc.. -Right now I have to say my Provincetown sweater in Burgundy from Ruche.  This sweater is going with practically everything I own and I love the open knit work on it.

The Provincetown Curvy Plus Sweater in Burgundy | Designing From My Closet

15. Something interesting that you do that is fashion related. -I love planning out my outfits.  It is something I have done for years.  I find it very soothing.

I would love for you to participate!  I want to know how you would answer these questions.  Join me in #PlusSizeFashionTag.

Today’s Postivity Note

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  Tip toe if you must, but take the step.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!


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