Art that you can Wear

Art that you can Wear: Top by Fatima's Wild Rose CreationsHandmade felted top with colors & patterns that reflect the Venezuelan Goajiro tapestriesThis colorful handmade felt top is so whimsical and etherealRomantic look

Items like this handmade felted top by Fatima’s Wild Rose Creations are truly art that you can wear.  When I was browsing through the Main & PCH Pop-Up Shop (they are open in the Huntington Harbour Mall through the end of December) I instantly gravitated towards Fatima’s beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces and fell in love with this top.  Fatima later gave me a little more history on this particular design via Instagram and said that the colors and patterns reflect the Venezuelan Goajro tapestries.  Oh, this little tid-bit of information made this piece even more romantic, more ethereal.

I love that this piece was handmade by a local artisan in my home town of Huntington Beach.  She also makes beautiful scarves that would be perfect for Christmas gifts.

Since the top is partially sheer and is put on like a poncho, then snapped at the waist to create a beautiful peplum, I wore a navy tee underneath.  For today, I paired it with some light wash distressed Chico’s jeans that I got at Goodwill.  A simple gold chain with coordinating seed beads gives a nice touch to the top.

For a girl that has MAJOR issues with up-dos, I think I finally have found my style.  This is not an understatement, I am really awful at them!  The Hollywood Roll by Scunci found at Walmart made this look possible.  My husband told me I looked like Princess Leia.  Well, anything with a Star Wars reference is good in my book!  And it actually stayed in place, no slippage at all.  Usually when I wear headbands they slide right off my head.  It also is like a little tiara with the sparkles.

Today’s Postivity Note

All you need is love…And a tiara.  And maybe a cookie.

Be Blessed!


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  1. The top is gorgeous and I think hand made products are so beautiful. I have the same problem with headbands especially the ones that go all around your head they always slip off my head. But your up do is really cute, I will need to try it because I’m really bad with up do’s myself.


    1. Thank you Nina! Yes, I have some pictures I took for the blog with another up do and am really questioning if I want to post them because it does not look that great. I am all thumbs when it comes to my hair.


  2. Don’t you love pieces that come with a story? I just bookmarked Fatima’s site. If her other pieces are like this one, I’ll certainly love their whimsical vibe! This is such a gorgeous top, and the cut is so special and different. I love its blousy, flouncy fit. And the color scheme is just perfect. Definitely my colors! I adore the way you’ve styled your hair. This whole look is so lovely. I want to recreate it!

    ❤ Liz

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