ReFashion : DIY Dip Dyed Cardigan

DIY Dip Dyed Cardigan

Woah!  I am out at a different location taking pictures for the blog.  My hubby was kind enough to take some time and get behind the camera so I did not have to lug my tripod out into the middle of the park.  This is one of very few large pieces of nature in Huntington Beach and I just love going there.  It is so peaceful and lovely to take a walk through.

Now, on to this dip dyed cardigan I tempted you with.  Quite some time ago, I saw the Tonal Tides Cardigan on the Anthropologie website in beautiful tones of blues.  By the time I got around to purchasing, the blue color was already sold out (see Moss color that is still available).  I had snapped a picture of it on my phone and I just kept thinking that perhaps I could recreate the look by refashioning an ivory cardi.

A trip to my local Goodwill of Orange County was fruitful as I discovered this cardigan in a similar weight and silhouette.

Ivory Cardigan from Goodwill of Orange County

I then got two packets of Tulip dye.  One in Teal and another in Royal Blue.

DIY Dip Dyed CardiganI boiled some water then poured some into two stainless steel containers along with one dye packet contents into each container.  If you have a SS double kitchen sink that would work great, but I do not have one, hence the containers.  I added salt according to the instructions.  I took these suckers outside because I am notorious for making a mess, so I figured if I dyed the lawn, it would not be so bad.

DIY Dip Dyed Cardigan

I place the containers side by side with the teal on the left and the royal blue on the right.

DIY Dip Dyed Cardigan

I gathered the cardigan together then first put the bottom hem into the royal blue and carefully placed the top into the teal.

DIY Dip Dyed CardiganAs you can see, the color starts to get drawn up into the ivory portion.

After an hour, I was ready to see the results and rinse my cardigan out.

DIY Dip Dyed CardiganIt might not be the most ideal, but I spread it out onto the lawn and sprayed it down with the hose.  Did I mention, I make a mess and did not want any dye going inside my house?

After was seemed like forever, I felt it was safe to bring it indoors to wash it.

DIY Dip Dyed CardiganI then washed it in warm soapy water in the kitchen sink.  And then rinsed out yet more dye until the water ran clear.

DIY Dip Dyed CardiganI laid out the cardigan to dry and found it to be really bright.  As it dried over night, the morning brought wonderful news as the color faded somewhat giving me more of what I was looking for.

And now onto park location pictures!

DIY Dip Dyed CardiganDIY Dip Dyed CardiganDIY Dip Dyed CardiganDIY Dip Dyed Cardigan

I paired the ReFashioned cardigan with simple dark olive pants from Lane Bryant, a white tank from Target, and tall congac boots from No Rest For Bridget.  The stone slice necklace is another one of my favorite statement necklaces that my husband gave me for Christmas several years ago.

I have washed the cardigan once and it still looks great, so I think I will be wearing it on these unseasonably warm days here in Southern California and then into Spring.

Today’s Postivity Note

Think less, do more.

Be Blessed!


I love to read your comments!




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