Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing: Fall 2014

Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing

About half way through my 30 Days with no Shopping challenge, I realized that I was going to need to expand my sources for clothing to achieve my personal style which I am calling “vintage bohemian”.  My favorite place to shop has always been Anthropologie.  While I can fit into a small portion of their selection, there have been so many items I have passed up mostly due to something being too snug in the arms or tummy area.

I started a Google search with the terms: “Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing”.  Bubkis, nada, nothing.  I pretty much got blog posts and forums complaining about how the retailer did not cater to the plus size community.  Well, that was not very helpful.  I personally do not expect Anthropologie to fulfill all my fashion needs, so I have been on the search for retailers that fit the style I so long for.  If you are one of the other plus size women out there that love this look, but cannot find your size there, I wanted to share my findings so far.  This will be a continued search, so this will not be my last post on this topic.

More than just the clothing, Anthropologie makes me feel like me.  The beautiful store with unique displays and rustic wood floors.  Heavenly scents fill the air with the wide range of candles that they have.  There is a physiological transportation that happens every time I step foot inside their shop.  That feeling continues every time I put on an article of their clothing.  Even their website exudes that ethereal and whimsical attitude that I just love.

After an exhausting search through some hideous online shops and a sea of no color or pattern or details of any sort, I have found items that I love that are also available in my size!  To find these pieces I made a list of descriptive terms that what I feel are the essence of Anthropologie.

–  Vintage  –  Bohemian  –  Whimsical  –  Global Inspired  –  Edgy  –  Bold  –  Creative  –  Artistic  –  Sweet  –  Handcrafted Feel  –  Mixed Media  –  Mixed Patterns  –  Color  –  Embroidery  –  Lace  –  Crochet  –  Ikat  –  Florals  –  Tribal Prints  –  Watercolor  –  Polka Dots  –  Stripes  –  Leather  –  Texture  –  Trim  –  Fringe  –

I searched for five specific items that I am looking for and came up with six in each category: dresses, skirts, tops, sweaters & jackets, and pants.  I organized them in pretty little packages, Anthro style for your visual enjoyment.

Anthropologie Style Plus Size Dresses

I adore this tribal print shift dress with long sleeves.  It has a lower back with an exposed zipper that is really cute too.

Green and tie dye=my perfect combination.  I love the faux wrap and v-neckline.

This mixed media sheath just stole my heart enough to go ahead and make an online purchase.  I am hopeful that it fits me differently than the model as it seems very large on her.

The combination of green and blue is so lovely on this sweater dress.

Another sweater dress with a great geometric print.  It looks like it would be super comfy.

6-Plus size brown dress
Although this dress lacks in the color department, I really like the side panels and global print.  It would look fantastic with a bold, colorful statement necklace.

Anthropologie Style Plus Size Skirts

A flowy maxi skirt in mint and floral is so whimsical and ethereal.

Bright ikat on a pencil skirt is screaming my name!

It’s so girly I just can’t stand it.  A full midi skirt in black and white abstract chevron fits the bill.

4-Forever 21 clothing
Metallic threads run through this pencil skirt that gives fabulous texture.

A blue ikat version of #2.

This caramel faux leather skirt is a strong contender for me to purchase soon.  Although this is a mini, on me it would hit right at the knee.

Anthropologie Style Plus Size Tops

1-Pink pullover
Pink tie dye makes an artistic plaid in a watercolor kind of way.  I also love the pin tuck detail at the top.

More tribal print with lots of color.  The orange trim around the neckline is superb.

3-Navy blouse
Embroidery at its best.  It is so bohemian, I can’t stand it.

Mixed ikat patterns in black, white, & ivory make this top super unique.

5-Alfani clothing
Pierced faux leather and electric blue make this tank a stand out.

Mixed patterns in this casual top are right up my ally.

Anthropologie Style Sweaters & Jackets

The seams on the front of this dark pink textured sweater give a really cool detail to an otherwise basic pullover.

2-Womens plus sweater
Super simple, super sweet.  The mostly white sweater with gray stripes would be easy to pair with other patterns.

3-Gathered top
You really need to see the detail shots of this burgundy sweater on the Ruche site.  The open knit goes all the way down the side seams and the sides are split.  I love that!  On the top of my purchase list too.

4-Blue top
This blue jersey cardigan is anything but typical with its moto style side zipper, cowl neck, & high low hemline.

I have a cascade front faux leather jacket in black, but this caramel colored one is so yummy.

Moto jacket in mixed media, yes please.

Anthropologie Style Plus Size Pants

Yet another brushed on plaid pattern, but this time in black and white, this time in pant form.

2-Blue skinny jeans
Bright blue just makes a huge statement and is surprisingly easy to match with other colors.

3-Slim fit pants
Oh, these pants have me drooling.  Foiled snakeskin print is edgy, but still artistic feeling.

Jacquard print is just stunning, especially for fall and winter.

Basic black pants, with an edge!

Floral could not look more fun.


So as you can see, I pulled from several different retailers: Macy’s, ModCloth, Deb, Sears, Forever 21, Ann Taylor, Avenue, Rusche, Eloquii, Cool Gal Blue, and Chico’s.  I really did not find one brand alone that fit the style solely.  I pulled together a few looks using some of the pieces I found to give you an idea of how I would style them.

Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing OutfitsI am anxious to start trying some of these retailers and I am sure my pulls will become more tailored to those that fit me and as I check out their quality.

I am thinking that I will be posting posts like these about once a quarter as I find more and more retailers that give me that Anthropologie look in my size.

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Today’s Postivity Note

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

Be Blessed!


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    1. I am 39 & just now figuring it out Tia. Glad you like some of mine. If you are interested my friend Nicole has a style quiz you can take: or check out her Style Muses on her Pinterest page for fun & see which style fits you: I always had a grip on what my personal style was in my home, but my clothing never really reflected me and never knew why. I wish I could buy everything from this post right away, but little by little I will get there. Thanks for your message!


  1. This is awesome, Janeane! Did you make this just for me?! lol As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I too am obsessed with Anthro but am sized out of a good percentage of their products. Like you, I try to replicate their style with plus size fashion. Or, I mix what I can wear of their products with pieces from other retailers. Your list put Sears on my radar as a place to look for plus size clothing. That mint and pleated maxi skirt is exactly my style. I also forget to check Avenue, so I’m glad you mentioned them as well.

    I especially love Anthro’s jewelry. I find that Cool Gal Blue, H&M, and Forever21 are great spots for statement jewelry on a budget.

    eShakti is another good place to consider, if they’re not yet on your radar. They have beautiful skirts in a variety of prints and shapes. Lots of styles are reminiscent of Anthropologie.

    I loved this post and will definitely look forward to your updates, as this is absolutely tuned to my interests and needs.

    ❤ Liz

    1. Haha! I was hoping you would like it. Yes, that mint skirt has me really wanting to make a Sears purchase. My local store did not have any of these products on the floor so I am thinking they are online exclusive. Yes, Avenue has had some really cute tops with an Anthro feel that I already have. I have never looked at eShakti, thanks for sharing.

      Thanks for all the nice words!


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