Holiday Looks at The Hanger Laguna Niguel

Holiday Looks at The Hanger Laguna Niguel

With the holidays approaching, there always seems to be special events to attend.  I just love this time of year and getting together with people I care about is something I hold dear.  Being an interior designer, I enjoy creating a look for my home and clients homes with personalized looks that reflect their personality.

For this special season, I wanted to go to The Hanger in Laguna Niguel.  I had heard that they had a wonderful range of designer items that I was ready to explore.  Having in mind that I have a vintage boho style, I love to look for clothes with color, pattern, texture, and special details that feel hand crafted.  Stepping into The Hanger boutique, I felt immediately comfortable.  I mean, come on, they have a chandelier in the fitting room area!  The showroom is beautiful with items organized by size and then by color which made it easy to shop.  They even had a large selection of plus size items for me to peruse.  My method of shopping was just like I do in a design fabric showroom:  pick out what I like, put it all on a table (in this case, the fitting room), and start mixing and matching.  To give you an idea of what you can get at The Hanger, I put together three looks for the holidays.

LOOK 1 – Boho Chic SparkleHoliday Look 1 - Boho Chic Sparkle

Holiday Look 1 - Boho Chic SparkleHoliday Look 1 - Boho Chic Sparkle

This beautiful sweater in black, gray, and gold has such a bohemian chic feel with the feathery fringe and hand stitched jewels.  I kept the sparkle going with a black sequin pencil skirt and black woven wedges that had a little glimmer in them.  The tortoise shell buckles on these shoes just called my name.  Even the clutch felt glamorous, but with an organic touch with its metallic Aztec pattern woven fabric and wood clasp.  This is a wonderful party look.

LOOK 2 – Vintage Floral

Holiday Look 2 - Vintage FloralHoliday Look 2 - Vintage FloralHoliday Look 2 - Vintage FloralFloral prints are super hot right now so when I saw this Fossil blouse in an abstract burgundy and wine floral, I immediately put it in the dressing room.  Honestly, my try-on selections were spilling out of my little space.  When I held up the blouse next to the pants and skirts in my room, I just smiled when they went by a pair of aubergine glazed jeans.  They picked up a color in the floral I had not noticed right away.  I then looked down to see these amazing Stewart Weiztman boots in what else but a mix of aubergine and wine.  I styled the pants with a pinch cuff to first show off the footwear, and second to give the pants a more modern silhouette of a jogger pant.  Add a few antique gold accessories, and this look was perfect for a more dressy casual event.

LOOK 3 – Pattern & ColorHoliday Look 3 -Pattern & Color

Holiday Look 3 - Print & ColorHoliday Look 3 - Print & Color

Why not add a little color for the holidays?  This amazing turquoise skirt had such an exquisite hand.  Paired with a flowy black & white abstract print blouse with gold hardware details, this look would be great for meeting with clients.  As typical for me, I threw in some champagne sparkle heels and that same Aztec print metallic clutch from the first look.  They add just enough whimsy without going overboard.Holiday Looks at The Hanger

A big thanks goes out to the staff at The Hanger Laguna Niguel for assisting me and letting my camera into their fitting room space.  Being a part of Working Women, The Hanger Resale Boutiques has two locations and they alone generate over 55% of the funding for them as they provide career development and wardrobe services to men and women in need.  I could have not had a more pleasant experience, not only shopping, but meeting wonderful women as well.  If you are looking for some fabulous holiday looks and wonderful customer service, be sure to check out The Hanger.

Now, which items did I end up purchasing?  You will have to come back to find out!  Believe you me, I tried on much more than these three looks.  I will be posting more looks with my finds soon.  Until then, I will be working on getting clients homes ready for the holidays.  If you are in the Orange County area and would like to have one of my Holiday Decorating Packages, send me a message at or leave a comment below so we can work together to make your home guest and party ready.

Today’s Postivity Note

Think happy thoughts and put a smile on your face so that positive opportunities can find you.

Be Blessed!

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