Dream Accessory Closet

Dream Accessory Closet

When we moved into our rental house several years ago, there was a closet at the end of the hall that I claimed as mine.  Having a true affection for accessories, I wanted to dedicate this small space to all my baubles.  Not wanting to invest too much into construction, I found a way to personalize the space to pay homage to all my costume jewelry, scarves, & handbags by using repurposed and vintage items to make it unique.

Dream Accessory Closet

The entire closet has a backdrop of a pale gray paint with gold arrows dancing across the back wall.  A triptych found at HomeGoods in brightly colored Ikat patterns give a hint of what is within this space.  On the top shelf, wire shelves from Big Lots are turned on their side assist clutches and smaller handbags stand up and be displayed neatly all in a row.

Dream Accessory Closet

Simple C-hooks from Target installed on the inside of the closet doors made the perfect necklace storage.  Holding the scarves on the left side of the closet is a tension rod also found at Target.

Dream Accessory Closet

A gold bench found at a local estate sale that was originally covered in a terry cloth towel got “re-upholstered” in faux fur from a thrift store coat.  Although the finish on the legs has imperfections, it makes it have character.  It tucks nicely to the right of the table inside the closet when not in use.

Dream Accessory Closet

A gifted table shaped like a flower was “dipped” in teal paint.  It is now a staging place for glass jars filled with bracelets, a thrift shop mirror, & vintage bust adorned with a favorite necklace.

Dream Accessory Closet

A vintage rattan magazine rack nestled next to the flower table contains handbags.  They both rest on a colorful thrift store rag rug.

Dream Accessory Closet

On the right side of the closet, two twig hooks collected on a sentimental day hold handbags.

Dream Accessory Closet

This closet is more than just a place for storage, it is a place for me to take a little time for myself in the morning when getting ready.  Putting those touches of accessories helps me to step out into the world as a confident woman.  It is my little oasis.
Dream Accessory Closet

I posted this mixed metals outfit on Friday with a dolman sleeve gray sweater and soft chambray pants in case you missed it!

I hope you enjoyed my little accessory closet tour!

What about you: Do you have a special place in your home that is just for you?  I would love to hear from you!

Today’s Postivity Note

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. -Coco Chanel



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