Outfit in Distress

Designing From My Closet | Outfit in DistressDesigning From My Closet | Outfit in DistressDesigning From My Closet | Outfit in DistressDesigning From My Closet | Outfit in DistressDesigning From My Closet | Outfit in DistressThe weather here in Orange County, CA has been so strange lately that my clothing choices have not been exactly fall inspiring.  This look is really more of a spring outfit, but the warm temps have forced me to dress accordingly.  Since I love to layer, I selected a really thin cardigan that allows me to stay cool.  So many of my friends over the US and Canada are posting about snow already and it makes me miss my time in the Midwest.  Florals are a huge trend right now and I pulled together this Fall Florals mood board in Polyvore to inspire.

Designing From My Closet | Fall Florals

Fall Florals by janeane-pittman

I call this my outfit in distress for many reasons.  One, the obvious with the distressed denim.  Two, this was look number four after attempting to put something together and them not working.  By then, I was really hot and had clothes piled all over the bed.  Three, I kept fussing having the tank untucked, then tucked.  And four, by the time I took pictures I decided on the tuck and quickly put on a belt not realizing the little hook did not go into the weave of the woven belt.  I only noticed it later when I was walking around and my belt just was hanging there undone.  Oh well.

This bright coral color has been finding its way into my wardrobe over the past several years and I love how it plays with my porcelain white skin.  Embracing my fair complexion has been something I still work on, especially living in a place where tan skin is more the norm.  This floral and stripe cardigan from LOFT  has to be one of my new favorites.  Although this is a simple outfit with a tank and boyfriend jeans, the cardigan gives it a little somethin’ somethin’.

Being a fairly new fashion blogger, I am really experimenting with photography and poses.  Let me tell you, it is really weird taking pictures of yourself in front of a tripod.  When I began, I was like, oh this will be fun!  Then I was wondering, how do I pose?  How do I get good detail shots?  Hopefully I will improve more and more with time because I am enjoying blogging.  One of the first things I noticed is that I had to let go of the notion that I was not like some of these beauties who look dramatic and serious.  I attempted to emulate some of my favorite bloggers and realized quickly it was not working for me.  Being myself works much better.

Today’s Positivity Note

“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.” -Walt Disney



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