Styling A Tunic Top When Short-Waisted

Styling a Tunic Top when Short-WaistedOne of the things that has remained the same for me since I was very young was my love for the color green, especially kelly green.  Sometimes to my demise, I get items because I am drawn to a certain detail, and not because they necessarily look good on my shape.  Take for example, the Anthropologie Lingered Lace Top.  I love the hue and the hem, but whats up with that pocket placement?!!  And as much as I love a tunic top, on me this guy is almost looking like a mini dress.

Styling a Tunic Top when Short-Waisted

The fabric is really soft and in turn is clinging to areas I really don’t feel comfortable showing all around town, so here is what I did to style this tunic top to make it work for my short-waisted figure:

Styling A Tunic When Short Waisted Polyvore Set by Janeane

Styling A Tunic When Short Waisted by janeane-pittman

1 | Cardigan : The hip length cardigan breaks up the long tunic and helps camouflage clingy areas.  It also allows the tunic to still flow underneath, giving a really nice layering look. (and in my case, cover up that weird boob pocket!)

2 | Necklace : A long necklace brings attention up to the face.

3 | Belt : With a belt sitting right above the natural waist, the tunic can be slightly bloused to shorten its length.

4 | Tall Boots : A tunic top already visually makes the legs appear shorter and tall boots make the look more intentional.

Styling a Tunic Top when Short-Waisted

Believe it or not, these are the same jeans from the before picture.  I love this tunic top now, and look forward to styling it in several different ways.  And did you notice, I am putting black and brown together!  I started doing this about a year ago and was so pleased with the results, you should really try it.

Styling a Tunic Top when Short-Waisted

Styling a Tunic Top when Short-Waisted

The back of this tunic is so pretty with its split lace detail.  I am glad it still peeks through under the shorter cardigan.

I am starting to finally really appreciate not shopping while on the #30DaysNoShopping challenge and today is day 19 for me.  I am feeling a sense of relief and have actually come up with a monthly budget for personal care for when the challenge is over.  That is a first for me.  I am already planning what I am going to do so I will not go hog wild once the challenge is over.

What about you, have you ever purchased anything because of a detail you love even though it did not fit you correctly?

Today’s Positive Note

Don’t be like the rest of them darling

Be Blessed!



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