Body Acceptance + Review on beinig Half Way Through #30DaysNoShopping

Happy Friday!  It has been interesting to see so many bloggers on the same wavelength.  I have been working on this body acceptance post for a while when I then started reading several others writing about positive body image and comparing ourselves with others.  This goes way beyond the clothes we put on our bodies and I wanted to share my personal experiences on the topic.

It’s funny that on a day to day basis, I do not feel body conscience.  I have come to appreciate my body and the unique way I was created.  Not that long ago, I opened the Designing From My Closet Instagram account it has been intriguing to me the amount of body wrap companies and fitness gurus that have reached out to me there.   It makes me wonder if they feel that I am reaching out for help when I tag something as plus size.  I’m sure I am not alone with the hundreds if not thousands of plus size bloggers out in the world.  I have learned that my confidence comes from within me which in turn translates to beauty.

This happy-go-lucky attitude of body acceptance does get rocked every once in a while though.  Like when I see pictures of me standing next to other people.  It was especially apparent when I got tagged in a Facebook picture several years ago that really got my attention.

Body Image

My first reaction was to laugh and sing the child hood jingle “one of these things is not like the other…”  My natural pale skin stood out like a sore thumb.  I then gasped a bit at the size of my arms in comparison to the tone, tan ones standing next to me.  The sting of envy rose up in me and I immediately started my self tanner regimen.  I later realized that not-fitting-in feeling came from is something more than the way I looked, it was from other situations that had been building up to that point and this was one more reason for me to feel inadequate.

With my 40th birthday on the horizon, I am starting to get a different outlook on life in general.  I am a grown woman, no longer a 20-something figuring out who I am.  My voice is different from others and I am happy about that.  I am uniquely beautiful with features I really like.

Half way through the #30DaysNoShopping challenge, my realizations have become even more apparent.  I am looking at my clothing in a whole new light.  I actually can tell if I am having a good or bad day from the look on my face in my daily pictures I am taking to document the challenge.  It really proves to me that I am the one making the clothes come to life, not the other way around.

Day 16 of the #30DaysNoShopping challenge

Day 16 of the #30DaysNoShopping Challenge

This no shopping challenge has not been all smooth sailing for me though.  My first real temptation was a few nights ago when I went to Target with my husband to pick up something at the pharmacy.  He mentioned that he would like to see if they had some shorts for himself.  Now just as I have a shopping addiction, my husband is the very opposite and literally wears his clothes until they disintegrate.  He has such a small pool of clothing to choose from, he is constantly asking me if a certain piece has been washed.  I welcomed the idea of getting him some new shorts since the two he owned were so old.  As he went into the fitting room, I then realized I was smack dab in the middle of the women’s clothing department.  My heart was actually pounding out of my chest.  I glanced over at the clearance rack and saw a pair of plaid pants that would be perfect to complete a look I saw on Pinterest.  Then I started scheming.

No one would know.

Then I realized what I was doing.  I had to take my sorry butt out of the department and marched, yes marched up the main isle turning my head to the ladies clothes.

As far as documenting for this no shopping challenge, it has been truly a pain to take pictures every single day of what I am wearing.  I am really doing it to keep me faithful to the challenge.  My choices have been eye opening and I look forward to what I will do after the challenge is over.  No more daily pics, that’s for sure.  Now that I have completely worn out your eyes from reading, I want to know:

Do you ever compare your body/clothes to others?  What do you do to get over it?  What do you do to be unique in your wardrobe?  I would love to know your thoughts on this.




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