Pouf, There’s an Outfit

Pouf Theres an Outfit

I was out doing a little design investigation for a client at World Market when I saw these amazing pouf ottomans.  The texture, color, and pattern were so amazing that I snapped a picture, despite another shopper looking at me like I was nuts.  Later as I was going through the pictures on my phone, I thought that this would be a cool outfit.  So, I first I “ColorSnap”ed it, and then I went shopping in my closet.

Pouf There's an Outfit

I love this color combination of coral and blue with neutrals of tan and white.  The texture is what I really wanted to emphasize in the look.  And, POUF, There’s an Outfit!

Pouf There's an Outfit

Pouf There's an Outfit

Pouf There's an Outfit

Because this is the way my brain works, I did a little visual “design board” similar to what I do when I put fabrics together for interiors.  I love all the texture that this look provides with the ivory lace, washed denim, pierced leather, and colorful woven knit.  I added a multi-color short necklace to visually open up the neckline since this lace top goes way up there.  This usually drives me CRAZY, and the jewelry really helps to draw the eye down a bit.  I also am finding I prefer this denim blazer over my regular jean jacket because of the open lapel vs. the squared off neckline of the typical casual one.  It also nips a bit a the waist giving me a better shape.  I could have easily went with a solid cream or white top under, but the lace adds that unexpected texture that I loved so much in those poufs.

Pouf There's an Outfit

Today is day 14 of the #30DaysNoShopping challenge that I embarked on to help me refocus on my wardrobe.  It kind of reminds me of a cleanse.  I have learned a ton about what roll fashion plays in my life.  It really goes beyond fashion, and is more of the way I perceive myself as a designer, as a wife, as a daughter, as a friend.  I will be doing a half-way mark update on the challenge Friday, so keep an eye out.

While I am doing this challenge, I will not be listing out the outfit details since they are all items that are no longer available to purchase.  Hopefully you can find inspiration from this look and adapt to what you have in your closet.


Today’s Positive Note

A smile is one of the best accessories you can wear.  Try it out and see how people respond to you.




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  1. Love the texture mix, that’s my jam 😉 it’s pretty to play around with shape too and see what is he most flattering, your denim blazer looks great here.

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