Maxi Skirt Styling for Fall | A High-Low Outfit + Tips on Dressing when Short-Waisted


Fall Maxi Skirt Hi Low

Fall Maxi Skirt Hi Low

Fall Maxi Skirt Hi Low

Fall Maxi Skirt Hi Low

I have not been one to hop on the maxi trend, but when I received this skirt as a gift, I was so excited.  The abstract floral pattern and the multitude of colors just stole my heart.  This “High-Low” look shows how you can elevate a few lower priced, dare I say, lower quality items and make them feel a little more luxe.

The skirt is my high item and I can really tell.  Originally $98, the soft jersey has a wonderful flow, but is thicker as to not show everything you have going on underneath.  It even has a built in skip that goes down mid-thigh that helps smooth things out in that area.  The colors are saturated and the print is vibrant.

The top is my low item and could not be more pleased with how it looks with this skirt.  The $9.94 heathered pink coral picks up the color in the skirt perfectly.

Together I think they make a nice day outfit that I wore this last weekend to go grocery shopping and visit some family.  I even felt better when I got smiles from strangers.  Perhaps it was the outfit, or perhaps it was the way I was smiling because I felt so great.  Either way, it made for a good day.

And, I am going to declare here that I am going on a shopping diet and taking the #30DaysNoShopping challenge from StyleBook.  I started my Day 1 yesterday, so check out my Instagram and Twitter feeds to see how I really “Design From My Closet”.#30DaysNoShopping

And check it out!  StyleBook used my Day 1 look on their Twitter feed pic for the shopping ban (that’s me on the right)!


And if you are interested in joining me in the challenge, I look forward to seeing your looks from your closet.

Here is my Fall Maxi Skirt look in my StyleBook App so I can reference it on my iPhone for future reference.

Fall Maxi Skirt Hi Low

And, as the title of this blog says, here are a few tips I have picked up for dressing when you are short-waisted:

1-Long necklaces are a big staple in my wardrobe as they help to give the illusion of torso elongation.

2-By loosely tying a knot in a top at the hip, it solves the dilemma of only having the choice of tucking, which would make my torso be all boob, or by just letting it hang loose, which just looks unfinished.

3-Wearing a short heel, especially with a maxi dress can really elevate the look of being taller.  I know it seems a little obvious, but it does work.

Styling Tips Short Waisted

Outfit Details

Anthropologie Tigridia Maxi Skirt by HD in Paris |  Walmart Faded Glory Women’s Dolman Lace Yoke Long Sleeve Top in Creme Rouge |  Gold Chain Necklace : MNG by Mango at JCPenney (old) | Carved Wood Bracelets : Thrifted | Ring : Old Navy (old) | Fioni Havoc Shootie Sling in Olive : Payless Shoe Source | Denim Blazer : Unknown brand from Petticoat Lane Consignment




  1. I really love the colors in the skirt. That green top in your profile picture would go great with it as well.

    Thanks for the tips on dressing for short waisted big girls. I share your frustrations! I just has a horrible time shopping for pantyhose!


    1. Thank you Anne. That skirt are all the colors I love. Mmm, I had not thought of pairing it with the green top, good idea that I will be trying. And don’t get me started on hose. The rise is soooo high, but it is getting that time of year where I will be pulling my tights out.


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