Walmart and Gap Fitting Room Reviews | Columbus Day Sale Shopping

Here I am on my third post and I am already doing a shopping confessions post!  Really, these clothes should not be so close to where I grocery shop.  Everywhere I drove passed they were advertising sales for Columbus day and I just could not resist.  I wanted to focus though on items I have been specifically looking for rather than just random picking.  Here is what I picked out to try on and my reviews.

First off was Walmart.  I very rarely shop at Walmart and do feel that most of the clothing there is not my style and does not have the highest of quality.  Now with that comes some astronomically low prices that I could not believe.  I was also shocked that I found five pieces to take into the fitting room.

First in line was this gray stripe and southwestern print long cardigan by no boundaries I spied in the juniors department for $12.88.  This really should have been sent up red flags that it would not fit, but hey, I am experimenting here.

Walmart shopping review

Both the pattern and the length of this cardigan really spoke to me.  I have several ho-hum, but nice gray tanks that need a little something to dress them up for fall and I thought this could to the trick.

Walmart Shopping Review

I mean, check out the pattern on the back!  This is so a pattern I would choose to put on a pillow.  And the sheer quality was just wonderful to show a peek of color through with a top underneath.

Walmart Shopping Review

And this is why this does not work.  That arm opening is just waaaaayyyyy too tight.  The seam was digging into my arm despite me selecting the largest size they had of XXL.  Oh well, back on the rack you go.  By the way, I cannot find this cardigan online, so sorry, no link.

Next up was the Faded Glory Dolman Lace Yoke Long Sleeve Top in Creme Rouge priced at $9.94 and the Faded Glory Women’s Skinny Cargo Pant in Camo for $15.44 online marked down to $9.00 in store.

Walmart Shopping Review

I have NEVER tried on anything camo, but I am in love.  This was going on a need of having more variety with bottoms rather than jeans.  It was out of my comfort zone, and the $9.00 thing pushed me to try them.

Walmart Shopping Review

The 16 womens size fit me perfectly and the rise and leg length were great.  I actually felt like my legs looked really long and thin, perhaps the camo is doing it’s thing as camouflaging?!!  The pocket on the thigh lays flat and does not add unwanted width and adds a nice detail.  MINE!

Walmart Shopping Review

The top at size XL (16-18) totally passes the arm test since it was from the women’s department.  I was looking for a top this color to go with a maxi skirt for the fall.  The lace, button tab, and heathered coral pink color make the top special and keep it from being just a solid, boring top.  I love the length on this one too.  I actually like this top with the camo pants and you may see it together again in a future post.

Now the L.E.I. Juniors Intarsia Sweater in Cheetah was like a flashback to the day I walked in to Anthropologie and they had a display with a similar sweater that I just adored.  I tried it on back then and had some issues: the neckline was too high and it was just so thick and heavy that I knew the Southern California fall and winter would never get cold enough for me to tolerate it.  Again with the juniors section at their highest size of XXL, I was crossing my fingers.

Walmart Shopping Review

Hello lover!  Same cheetah pattern, lower neckline, and thinner thickness means this is my dream come true.

Walmart Shopping Review

It also has a high low hem line.  I am sure the low in the back is supposed to billow a bit, but I think it hugs the back side just nicely.  And, the arms fit nicely, no stuffed sausage here.

I originally tried this sweater on with some the Faded Glory Ankle Length Jeggings in Grey Flannel, 16W because I am looking for some gray jeans to round some things out in my wardrobe.  I had also never tried on jeggings before and I was game.  I am not posting the pic because I think it is not appropriate to show as it hugged some not so flattering parts, so I am showing it with my own Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans.  I could have tried a size larger as they had them in stock, but by this time, I was really hot in that dressing room and needed to do the rest of my shopping, so they went back on the rack too.

Rock on Walmart, three out of five items are keepers.

Now I left Walmart and went to Trader Joe’s.  And what store is next to Trader Joe’s?: the Gap.  An extended 40% off everything in the store sale sign lured me in.  Focusing on pants, I found the Broken-In Straight Khakis in Ghana Yellow.

Gap Shopping Review

I have been on the hunt for yellow bottoms in the form of pants, jeans, or skirt for quite a while now and these were originally $49.95, marked down to $29.99, with an additional 40% off of that.  That made these really well made pants under $20 including tax.

Gap Shopping Review

These are size 16 and fit well in the rise and the thigh was surprisingly roomy for regular size.  The cuff made the length just right.  I tried to get a good shot, but the lighting in the dressing room makes these look bright yellow, but they are more of a mustard with a touch of green.  I can’t wait to style these.

Did you get anything on sale for Columbus Day?  I would love to hear.




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