Sweater Vest ReFashion

Sweater Vest ReFashion

On a recent trip to Goodwill of Orange County, I stumbled across a cream colored Ann Taylor LOFT cocoon sweater in size M.  Well, obviously I am not a medium, but I just loved the shape these sweaters have with the wide ribbed edge and soft curving lines.

Sweater Vest ReFashion

One of my biggest issues I have is fitting arms and this one is just really snug around my upper arms.  I know what your thinking, if you loose weight, you could fit into a smaller size.  Well, I actually am working on that, but that is no reason for me to not consider what I could do to make this sweater with a very low price tag work.

Here she is before on the hanger.

Sweater Vest ReFashion

My first instinct was to just cut those arms off!  So I did.

Sweater Vest ReFashion

Then I realized I should not have acted to hastily.  I thought if I left that little cable seam on the arm opening it would seem finished enough, but I knew immediately that it looked totally unfinished and would unravel easily.  I am NOT a knitter, so that was out of the question.

I needed to cover that arm hole with something and pulled out a wide cream colored grosgrain ribbon from my craft stash.  Then I just covered the raw edge with the ribbon by encasing it totally and pinned it into place.

Sweater Vest ReFashionNow off to the sewing machine.

Sweater Vest ReFashion

And wallah!  A totally new sweater vest ready for the fall season.

Sweater Vest ReFashion

Sweater Vest ReFashionI wish I could claim that this is what I originally intended for this vest to turn out like because I just am in love with the turnout.  The ribbon created a kind of bubble edge along the arm hole and adds a wonderful and unexpected design detail on this very neutral piece.

Now to style this sweater vest, I paired it with a very on trend for fall plaid blouse, slouchy distressed jeans, and leopard heels.  I am proud to say that everything with the exception of the shoes is all from Goodwill of Orange County.  Yes, even the Louis!  Check out the brands in the outfit details below.

And since I mentioned the shoes, these heels are amazing!  They are truly what the name brand says: Comfort Plus and I have already planned several fall looks that they will look fab with.

Sweater Vest ReFashion

Sweater Vest ReFashion

Sweater Vest ReFashion

Outfit Details:

Cream Cocoon Sweater Vest : Half Ann Taylor LOFT, Half Handmade via Goodwill of Orange County

Purple Plaid Blouse : Banana Republic via Goodwill of Orange County (similar)

Platinum Skimmer Jeans : Chico’s via Goodwill of Orange County (similar)

Palermo PM Monogram Handbag : Louis Vuitton via Goodwill of Orange County

Shell Inlay Bangle Bracelet : Unknown via Goodwill of Orange County (similar)

Jaclyn Leopard Point Pump, Comfort Plus by Predictions : Payless Shoe Source


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