Bohemian Statement Necklaces from The Two Hand Exchange

Bohemian Statement Necklaces from The Two Hand Exchange | Designing From My Closet

Over the past couple of years, I have been upgrading my jewelry.  While I still have some lower price point costume pieces in my collection, my go-to’s are those that have quality.  It’s those special details that have become a signature of my personal style.  I have also come to find that my necklaces have opened up many conversations to women that otherwise might not have spoken to me.  When The Two Hand Exchange reached out to me again, I was delighted to collaborate with them once more.  They have the most incredible luxury bohemian jewelry I have ever seen.  You can read my first post featuring them by clicking here.  What I truly enjoy about the items that they have is that they are made of real gemstones.  There is something lasting and special about a quality piece of jewelry.  It is even more special when that is combined with a style that coincides with my own style, having a rustic element married with streamline.

Today I am showing you two gorgeous necklaces that The Two Hand Exchange sent me and how I styled each one.  They are also providing my readers with a discount code that I will have at the end of the post!


Wearing Pastels in the Fall

Wearing Pastels in the Fall | Designing From My Closet

Fall fashion is typically associated with deep rich colors that usher in a new season.  Pastels on the other hand are usually seen more in the spring and summer months, so mixing them into fall outfits are a fun way to keep things from getting boring, especially here at the end of the fall season when you are looking at the same items over and over again.  Today I am wearing a mauve pleated skirt in a fall look.


What I Learned About Myself From Breaking My Hip + Introducing Vivacity Sportswear

What I Learned About Myself From Breaking My Hip + Introducing Vivacity Sportswear | Designing From My Closet

At this time last year, I had been bound to a wheelchair for almost two months after finding out I broke my hip and awaited surgery.  In hindsight, I wish I would have shared that part of my life here on the blog because it was truly a huge part of it.  Long story short, in September of 2016 I went on vacation with my husband to celebrate his birthday.  We did a ton of walking which I was usually up for.  A few days in, I kept having to stop and sit down.  I then spent the latter half of our time off in the hotel room watching tv because my hip hurt so bad.  Well I am not sure exactly how it happened because I did not have a fall or an incident, but an MRI showed an internal crack in the ball of my hip that was starting to spread down my femur.  Pain does not even begin to describe this intense feeling and as I sat day after day having my husband help me with the most menial of tasks, I began to think, like think A LOT.

Today I want to share with you what I learned about myself from breaking my hip along with sharing  Vivacity Sportwear that is helping me feel really cute during stretching exercises and walking.


Fall Outfits with the OC+ Fashion Blogger Group

Fall Outfits with the OC+ Fashion Blogger Group | Designing From My Closet

Connecting with other bloggers has always been important to me.  Even if you do not blog, you can certainly relate to getting together with other ladies that are like-minded.  So after finding out that three other plus size bloggers that I followed were in Orange County, California where I live, I put into action a meet up.

Bianca of Bianca Karina, Veronica of Cid Style File, and Nina of Curvy Mod have become a very special part of my life and during our second meet up at the Anaheim Packing District we took the opportunity to do a full on photo shoot.  I enjoyed having a photographer instead of my usual timer and tripod as well as having an entourage to help with hair and clothing placement.  Just call me fully spoiled.  On the flip side, I found great pleasure in acting as photographer for the other ladies.  In today’s post, I am showing a great fall outfit and linking up with my fellow OC bloggers for even more inspiration!


Metallic Skirt: Styled Four Ways for Daytime

Metallic Skirt: Styled Four Ways for Daytime | Designing From My Closet

Metallic skirts have been having a comeback and I was one that thought there was no way one could fit into my wardrobe.  After all, there are only so many parties you can go to in a glittery skirt.  When I tried one on from the Who What Wear Collection at Target, I was surprised to come up with so many ideas about how it could actually be a functional piece for every day wear.  Today I am showing you four ways to style a metallic skirt for daytime.  This post is going to be a bit more picture heavy and light on the text because it is already huge.  Enjoy!