Dressing with Color, Texture, and Print

*This post is sponsored by Avenue. I was also gifted the clothing and accessories for this post. The theme and opinions are 100% my own.

Dressing with Color, Texture, and Print | Designing From My Closet

If there is one thing that I love to incorporate into rooms when designing, it is color, texture, and print.  These three elements combined create a magical moment that is so memorable.  One of my missions here on Designing From My Closet is to expand women’s visions of how they view themselves.  Encouraging new ways of dressing and stepping out of their normal is something I love to do.  Seeing ourselves in a new light, as beautiful and unique individuals who go out into the world to inspire others wherever we go.

Today I want to cover specifically what dressing with color, texture, and print means and how it makes such an impact using items I recently got from Avenue.  One dress gets two different looks by switching out layers and shoes.


Ways to Wear Belts

Ways to Wear Belts | Designing From My Closet

I have written several posts in the past regarding wearing belts such as Playing with Proportion: Avenue Patchwork Ruana, Wearing a Belt When Short Waisted, and Faking a Waist.  After getting multiple questions via my blog, YouTube channel, email, and social media, I decided to create a video on ways to wear belts.  Although it is not an exact science, I hope this gives you some great tips on how to style with belts, especially if you are cautious or unsure about them.


Style Detail Highlight: Embroidery

Style Detail Highlight: Embroidery | Designing From My Closet

Embroidery has always been a detail that I have appreciated.  Even as a young girl in the late 70s and early 80s, the colorful embellishment drew me in.  A resurgence of this needle and thread craft has me extremely happy.  In today’s Style Detail Highlight, I am featuring embroidery through a floral bomber jacket.


Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing Fall 2016

Anthropologie Style Plus Size Clothing Fall 2016 | Designing From My Closet

Every season I put together a curated collection of plus size clothing that look like they have come from Anthropologie.  It seems like I am always changing the format with how I put these posts together and this time I went through Anthropologie’s October 2016 catalog and selected five looks.  From these catalog outfits, I have selected similar looking items from plus size retailers (including shopping links) for you to get the look in collage style imagery.

Fall 2016 is holding some beautiful items and Anthropologie has a wide range of styles available from earthy reds and yellows to moody blacks and grays.  Textured fabrics along with whimsical and funky outfit styling creates a fabulously eclectic feeling.


Style Remix: Merlot Ponte Knit Jeggings, Patchwork Ruana, and Denim Tunic

Style Remix: Merlot Jeggings, Patchwork Ruana, & Denim Tunic | Designing From My Closet

I recently wrote the post Playing with Proportion: Avenue Patchwork Ruana where I featured a fall outfit using pieces from Avenue.  Being a big believer in remixing what I have in my closet, I wanted to write another post using that outfit I already featured and showing three new looks using the same pieces.  Since it is still pretty warm here in Southern California, my Style Remix is going to show some early fall outfits for this still transitional period for me.